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Militaria - Remains With Pain

Remains With Pain
by Andrew Harvey at 21 September 2021, 9:32 PM

This band or one man show goes back to 2010, with an EP release in 2018, CYCLONIC DESOLATION before the release of their single, “Strike Wounded” in 2020. Nevertheless, the man behind it all, named CHALKY HILL(actual name is JORDAN HILL)is now embarking on his journey to fame & fortune with his debut album, REMAINS WITH PAIN. The album consists of “nine tracks of pure thrash mayhem conceptually based around the Vietnam War and the bravery and desolation felt by those who fought it”.

CHALKY had also actually had the barebones of the album down back in 2016 with drums but eventually settled for what became a nine track album. CYCLONIC DESOLATION more or less inspired CHALKY to put the finishing touches to this album. This also included worthy contributions by members of bands like; WARTOOTH, ODIUS ASYLUM, IDLE RUIN, BONE MARROW plus others.

So the album simply starts with “Vietnam 1966” which is a fairly standard instrumental track with clattering drums, synth movements and helicopter noises. “Remains With Pain” being the album title thunders with drums, thrashing vocals and pulsating guitar riffs. Included are old vintage recordings of when the Vietnam War was on the news daily in the 1960’s and 1970’s which made an impact on those fought during it.

“Mass Organic Corrosion” jumps back into the full on assault of thrash mania with more spoken word through old recordings or news clips from the Vietnam War once again. Vocals sound more possessed, maybe satanic as well with so much to listen to. It’s certainly full throttle and thrusts of energy going into the next track. “Strike Wounded” follows on with similar thrash vibes and passion interjected by awesome guitar hooks & drum sequences . The correlation between guitar and drums is mesmerizing but continues into the next track “Infiltrate Destroy”.

The fifth track includes what sounds like radio frequency tuning as the intro but then launches the listener into familiar territory with all instruments in full unison. “Huey” stands out mostly for pounding drums, monotonous guitar thrash and distorted vocals on occasion. This ends but with a gradual descent in dynamics leading us into the next track “Besieged By Napalm”. This track starts with a crescendo of collated sound effects blending together to capture the concept of this album.

“Devastation Obsession” has more of the same sound effects and killer guitar hooks. The transition between sections and difference in dynamics is simply staggering, well produced in actual fact. “Ceasefire Ataraxia” the final track brings straight forward thrash like rhythms and guitar hooks plus choral chants as well. Coming to a close with an acoustic guitar outro is a nice way to finish up. Overall it’s certainly a good album full of all the best of what thrash metal can offer us. But I would say it became a little too monotonous but we should not disregard the work and effort put into the making of this album.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Vietnam 1966
2. Remains With Pain
3. Mass Organic Corrosion
4. Strike Wounded
5. Infiltrate Destroy
6. Huey
7. Besieged By Napalm
8. Devastation Obsession
9. Ceasefire Ataraxia
Chalky Hill - All Instruments
Record Label: Independent


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