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Million Dollar Reload - A Sinner's Saint

Million Dollar Reload
A Sinner's Saint
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 05 July 2012, 7:43 PM

Good, straightforward with no place for bullshit, Rock N’ Roll bombardment. All you need is four, in this case five, rebellious dudes with an aim to be semi-anarchists and semi-just wishing to have some fun and good time with Guinness in their hands backed up in the a street corner with the red light on. Then you will have a million reasons to knock yourself out. Yeah, that is the hard to crack case of the young Hard Rock MILLION DOLLAR RELOAD band from the greyness of the Northern Ireland lands. The thrilling “A Sinner’s Saint”, via Frontiers Records, hails as album number two for these guys and there seems to be nothing that would stop them from rocking, rolling and tasting the good side of life. How can youth be so addictive? The sweet smell of “I don’t owe shit to no one” sometimes makes me think of “what ifs”. As much as it is fun thinking about it, let me invite you to the band and album’s intestines.

Even though “A Sinner’s Saint” didn’t appear to be different or that special kind of crunchy Hard Rock / Rock N’ Roll produced in modern means just to sound old school, it was able to kick my ass hard enough for me to become a fan of these chumps. Other than the production that is the picture of what is perfect in this world especially if you are a Hard Rock fan no matter if 70s, 80s or 90s, it was demonstrated that these guys have the spunk and guts to make it to the top. Hitting the riffing style of AC/DC, GUNS N’ ROSES, old DEF LEPPARD along with the sweet side of MOTLEY CRUE, “A Sinner’s Saint” is a swimming pool of soaring vocals made in the fires of heaven producing hooking and catchy verses and choruses, crispy rhythm guitar chopping similar to the Aussie’s feel, sturdy and classic oriented lead guitar molestations and traditional but convincing rhythm section played in the highest of classes. I know that some of you might say that I am a little exaggerating about all this because in the end of the day the music features the simplest things in Rock N’ Roll and the ordinary cheap thrills that many bands have been tasting since the end of the 70s, especially the AC of DC. However, MILLION DOLLAR RELOAD, with their respect and traditional playing, performed their written material in a way that their offering was an absolute fun to listen. Sure that a little originality could portrayed its effect, but who knows to what end? Some of the traditional music, if played well of course, should stay just as it was invented.

From the rather brutal “I Am The Rature” through the shady looking, sorry, sounding and highly Bon Scott flavored “Smoke N Mirrors” to the anarchism of “Fight The System” and right under the belly that promised more with “It Ain't Over”, MILLION DOLLAR RELOAD convey their respects for Rock N’ Roll and I am glad to be the one that declare that they are on their way to the top because the time is now.

4 Star Rating

1. Fight The System
2. Bullets in the Sky
3. Blow Me Away
4. Can't Tie Me Down
5. Broken
6. I Am The Rature
7. Wicked
8. Smoke N Mirrors
9. Headrush
10. Pretty People
11. It Ain't Over 
Phil Conalane- Vocals
B.A.M– Lead Guitars / Backing Vocals
Andy Mack- Lead Guitars / Backing Vocals
Sean McKernan- Drums
Kie McMurray– Bass / Backing Vocals
Record Label: Frontiers Records


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