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M.ILL.ION - Thrill Of The Chase (CD)

Thrill Of The Chase
by Grigoris Chronis at 05 July 2008, 3:24 PM

I hope M.ILL.ION will get the recognition they deserve soon enough and not in a million years. Thrill Of The Chase sounds - to my ears - as the best album since their breathtaking No.1 debut in 1992. Yes, this is not the Swedish band's first album, but - counting carefully - their 6th one. Wow, being alive all these years, with a classy hard work, they should have got some wider notice by now, right?
The first album of the Gothenburg-based melodic Hard Rock band via the Metal Heaven label: this album is powerful, melodic, both fresh and classic, inspiring, full of 'heart' and well-worked. The production is clear, with the keyboards reminding of some older eras at times, and the rest of the instruments resembling the golden late 80s. The voice is equally placed in the mix, providing the prefect space for the music itself to be unveiled and spread wisely. Wisely? Yes, since all the songs are well-structured, with not even one filler and - I think - will please both 'new' melodic Rock followers but also 'romantic' Hard Rock lovers.
All M.ILL.ION albums are remarkable - with, I repeat - the first one standing one scale on top. M.ILL.ION's rhythm section is 'metal' in the pounding, while the guitars themes are as melodic and 'Scandinavian' as you can imagine, but never falling in the trap to sound mellow. Now, why the hell this band has not yet risen to a relative fame I cannot explain sufficiently. Now, what is strongly observed in Thrill Of The Chase is the tension of M.ILL.ION to enrich their sound with some elements from the past. Hence, the keyboards sound Hammond-ish at times while Carlsson's voice shows an improvisation in the early 80s British 'direction'. The remaining stuff will bring again to mind the dominance of Sweden/Scandinavia in all that's melodic the last years.
There's not one ballad in this album. Half tunes bear a mid-tempo style, while most of the rest are fast takers that will blow you away. Think - in general - of 220 VOLT, GLORY, SARGANT FURY, early-to-mid EUROPE, TREAT, WHITESNAKE, 'mainstream' MSG, 80s URIAH HEEP/RAINBOW and you can imagine the rest. No sleazy taste, some minor AOR melodies, and that's it; Carlsson is passionate in singing …turn on the light…through the eyes of a child… and I listen to the CD again and again just to get angry M.ILL.ION's not yet on top of most of Sweden's 'exports'. All of the  Thrill Of The Chase album is for you, the hardrocker!

4 Star Rating

Thrill Of The Chase
Menace To Society
Slave To You
The One Above
Lonely In A Crowded Room
From Heaven To Hell
Son Of The Sun
Through The Eyes Of A Child
Beware Of The Wolf
Fires Of Siberia
Need To Believe
Jonas Hermansson - Guitar
Johan Bergquist - Keyboards
B.J. Laneby - Bass
Ulrich Carlsson - Vocals
Per Westergren - Drums
Record Label: Metal Heaven


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