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Minas Morgul - Kult Award winner

Minas Morgul
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 20 January 2018, 8:24 AM

As the most polarizing of all Metal genres, Black Metal holds some secrets in its musical ideas. It doesn’t demand a genius to play it, but you can’t be as dumb as many fans from these old school tendencies that are infesting Metal. But you must be creative, because music is as dynamic as society; it changes from time to time. The German sextet MINAS MORGUL is here to show an excellent work on their latest album, “Kult”.

We can hear on “Kult” the same elements that the greater part of German Black Metal bands uses: a brutal and fast musical approach with very good keyboards parts, some very good melodies on an oppressive instrumental basis. Of course these same features can be heard on other albums, but these guys know what they want to do, and plays in a charming way. Their songs are really very good, although they aren’t showing something really new.

As you could expect, the sound quality is raw and nasty, reinforcing the Black Metal aesthetics of the past (I believe that everyone understand that Black Metal uses an “ugly” insight, the “anti-artistic” vision that MAYHEM, BURZUM and DARKTHRONE created on the beginning of the 90s). But it doesn’t turn their songs into a chaotic mass of nonsense. You can understand what is being played, but with that raw and darkened sound of we know from Black Metal.

The album has a strange feature: the best songs can be heard at the end. But the entire album is good, having its best moments on the brutal “Kult” with its contrasts between brutal moments with morbid parts, the melancholy that fills “Ein Teil von mir” (and what good vocals, using some clean voices along the harsh ones), the beautiful raw and darkened melodies created by guitars on “Leere”, the mix between hooking aggressive parts with fast moments shown on “Bevor ich gehe” (very good work from bass guitar and drums can be heard here), the oppressive and brutal insight used on the melodies of “Scherben”, some traditional Heavy Metal guitar harmonies that can be felt on “Was bleibt”, and the excellent keyboards that permeates “XX”.

It’s a very good work, honoring the traditions of German Black Metal.

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Einleitung
2. Kult
3. Ein Teil von mir
4. Abschied
5. Leere
6. Bevor ich gehe
7. Nur eine Kugel
8. Scherben
9. Was bleibt
10. XX
13R13 - Vocals
Saule - Guitars
Herr Ewald - Guitars
Jen - Keyboards
Bobby B. - Bass
Berserk - Drums
Record Label: Trollzorn Records


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