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Mind Control - Heptagon Award winner

Mind Control
by Michael Coyle at 24 June 2014, 2:09 PM

 In the many generations of Death Metal evolution we have come face to face with many ideas and styles as well as techniques to which have both inspired and moulded our minds to create our own branch on the tree of Death. Today I have found what may be the future to Progressive Death Metal, a band with such creativity and idea that it not only entertains the mind but gives you the urge to try and emulate every chord and vocal style on both the melodic and more vicious approach. This bands name is MIND CONTROL, Let the hypnosis begin!

We start with the opening track “00” which starts as more of an intro building to the first song Visions. As the intro builds up we start with a smooth yet vicious opening riff that brings you face to face with what this band has in store for the rest of this massive creation of progressive brutality. The song Visions mixes a heavy powerful riffing style with smooth well focussed vocal lines, the mixture of both these elements creates an atmosphere that is relaxing yet destructive at the same time.

The second track to follow is titled “Memories”. I felt as if Nergal from BEHEMOTH was blasting away through this entire track, a vicious and creative balance on both vocalists relating on both the harsh and lighter vocals. The guitar parts throughout this record are incredibly performed, mixed with the brutality and beauty of this album.

At the end of the day if ever you need to calm down sit back and relax after a bad day of work or school this record will definitely bring you back to life.

5 Star Rating

1. 00
2. Visions
3. Memories
4. The Civilisation
5. Heptagon
6. The End Of Everything
7. Utopia
8. Seven
Massimo Boffa - Guitar
Luca Nocolucci - Drums
Simone Alberto Grifone, Vocals
Simone Evangelista - Vocals
Marco Tomassetti - Bass
Record Label: Revalve Records


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