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Mind's Cove - Drift Award winner

Mind's Cove
by Neil Cook at 14 January 2020, 10:00 AM

MIND'S COVE, a metal project conceived in Italy by Matteo Melita in 2016 as a studio Metal project. Matteo gathered so many ideas in his head, he had to let them out. With guitarist Sergio Camelia he managed to give the riff and melodies form.  With drummer Andrea Calabrò  and Angelo Trimarch, longtime friend of producer  Marco Maria Pennisi, the 8 songs which form the album "Drift" took shape. Since recording the album the band have a new bassist Alessandro Scalia additional guitarist Federico Figlioli, the band are rehearsing, hopefully so we can enjoy their brand of progressive metal live soon.

Opening track “The Snake Inside,” is one of the most straight ahead songs on the album, which hooks you into the from the start with its more straight ahead Metal approach. “Sordid Liar,” while still maintaining the momentum, starts build in more time changes, and the end section of the song, with the acoustic atmospheric guitar and the melody within Matteo’s voice brings the song to a poignant conclusion.  “Early Son” and “Mirrors” bring in proggier aspects to their sound, but remain melodic, metallic and accessible, the sound never gets impenetrable, but still creates engaging, satisfying soundscapes.  Both songs being different, but still they work so well together to keep the sonic journey moving forward.

Broken Stones” sums up the album for me. This is Metal first and foremost, with progressive sensibilities. It has time changes, it has quirky guitar sounds at times, but remains Metal to its end.  Some bands would have layered keyboards on this and other songs, but it would not add to the well crafted guitar and voice which drive all the songs.

Loss” is probably THE most straight ahead song on the album. The sentiment is clear, it isn’t a ballad, far from it, but is a straight ahead mid-paced lament. Its there in the title, embrace it. For its (relative) simplicity, it’s this reviewers favorite song, from a very strong set of contenders. Of the closing pair, “Black Tickets” and “The Deserts Still Waiting” could almost be METALLICA if they made Prog Metal songs, these would be them, although without Hetfield’s growl, both songs underpinned by great chugging riffs.

My only slight criticism, and it is only small, was for me on a couple of the songs I wasn’t a fan of the bass drum sound.  It sat too far forward in the mix for me, but didn’t spoil any of these fantastically crafted songs. It shows it has taken time and care to hone the 8 pieces of fine music into the well rounded songs, that work so well together. There was no need for keyboards, no need sound effects and loops etc. Metal played well with a progressive leaning, which added depth and interest.

I have to single out Matteo’s vocal performance. It shows the songs have been created to illustrate his vocal prowess. It does so without histrionics, or reaching for the high notes, sublime, on point vocals. The musicians have to be top notch to compliment an enhance, and there is no doubt they are equal to the task. You can see why there was a need to bring in a second guitarist, without it would be hard to replicate the intricate phrasings and timings with a single player.  I hope to see and hear how that works live in the not too distant future.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Snake Inside
2. Sordid Liar
3. Early Sun
4. Mirrors
5. Broken Stones
6. Loss
7. Black Ticket
8. The Deserts Still Waiting
Matteo Melita – vocals
Sergio Camelia – guitar
Federico Figlioli – guitar
Alessandro Scalia – bass
Andrea Calabrò – drums
Record Label: Revalve Records


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Edited 28 March 2023

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