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Mind Terrorist - Fragments Of Human Decay Award winner

Mind Terrorist
Fragments Of Human Decay
by Eddie "Deaddie" McConnaughy at 13 February 2014, 2:41 AM

MIND TERRORIST is a group from Larissa, Greece. They Have a Melodic Death sound, and lyrical content that is a bit political. Their lyrical content is mostly about human rights, animal cruelty, and other “political” topics having to do with the same. The general over all ambiences of “Fragments Of Human Decay” is heavy, melodic, and pretty catchy. This is certainly not for the extreme Grindcore fan, but none the less a great metal piece. There is plenty of double bass, and hard riffs to go with a vocal style that is somewhere between clean and harsh.

The album opens with a spoken intro that is a bit of a poetic take on the dissention from the natural spiritual magic of childhood, to the cold worn down void of adulthood. From there it goes on to rant about all kinds of inhumanities. The guitar work is a bit intricate, while still heavy and hard hitting. The drums are likewise a bit technical. They do a great job of keeping the timing of the songs, and still helping keep that nice heavy edge, with plenty of double bass. The vocals as I stated previously are somewhere between clean and harsh, certainly for the style of music being played they are suitable. Actually the vocals remind me a little bit of SLAYER type lyrics (in sound). Personally, I think the lyrical content that they have is pretty awesome. They take on cause and purpose, which isn’t something I expect out of every band I listen to, but is absolutely respectable. As far as composition of the album, it I very well put together. It has a great flow and is a bit catchy. From beginning to end there really is no repetition, so I don’t get bored listening to it.

“Fragments Of Human Decay” certainly is a powerful album. It’s heavy in all the right ways, without going overboard. The catchy melodic sound they produce really sucks the listener in. As I stated before they ain’t for the extreme death fan, but they’re as heavy as they need to be. Also the lyrics are understandable, which really helps get the point they make across. The album is not repetitive at al which is a big plus. These guys are definitely worth a listen.

5 Star Rating

1. Zero One
2. Awakening
3. Blind at Heart
4. Withstand the Fall
5. In Finem Veritas
6. Rising Star
7. Stop the Abuse
8. My Last Chance
9. Heritage
Kostas - Vocals
Mike - Guitars
Zach - Guitars
Greg - Bass
Orestis – Drums
Record Label: Opos Records


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