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Mind Terrorist - Spiritual Revolution

Mind Terrorist
Spiritual Revolution
by Laura Glover at 16 June 2020, 11:53 PM

Greek band, MIND TERRORIST, released their album "Spiritual Revolution". The album was recorded from April 2019 to November 2019 amidst a lot of stress. Each band member lives in a different country; therefore, the album was mastered in USA, Greece, Netherlands, and Germany. What an interesting mash up. MIND TERRORIST is a combination of metalcore, and heavy alternative… however, I swear I hear touches of industrial in there as well. This is the bands fourth album release. "Spiritual Revolution" is a concept album whose focus talks about "The fundamental process of inner transformation, whereby each one of us breaks through the poisonous effects of globalization, consumerism, and modern civilization. To be in the world and not of it."; to quote MIND TERRORIST's website. And what a truly existentially profound concept. To escape the confines of "the matrix" to really live life. Not to be in the dark, imposed by those who want to keep us complacent. Especially right now, does a statement like this hit home. We are living in a world of unrest and division. A world so wrought with its own pain, seeking hope when all seems so dim. But here we are, some of us are breaking through the veil, seeing more clearly now than we ever have before. What's the world going to look like when everyone has their "Spiritual Revolution". What will the world look like when mankind sees through different eyes? When wisdom has softened the heart and in that place of deep understanding, do we finally find peace there?

"Extinction" - I have a really good stereo in my car and I like to check out music on there because it sounds like I am at a concert, this intro really bumped my bass. I felt it was worth mentioning. A good intro sets the stage, the emotions, for the rest of the show and this intro really creates anticipation. If you have a bass system, I'd suggest cranking the bass. You can literally see the fog machine fog and the lights slowly rising in your mind's eye. "Revolt Against the Modern World" - Greets us with some very powerful riffs on guitar, actually I'd have to say I am partial to all the guitar in this album in general. The vocals remind me of industrial metal; hard and aggressive. "Revolt Against the Modern World" is a very apt song title for this time and place. After all aren't so many doing just that? "A Homage to the Tribes" - Again the lush guitar notes draw me right in. But I am a sucker for nicely played guitar, I guess it is kind of my thing. But the rise and fall of the waves of sound are melodic and lovely. Then we have the brashness of the vocals, Kostas has a talent for both heavy and clean vocals. And it is altogether metal "af" to listen to him sing metal in a foreign language when he does. Greek, I assume, but I am no expert on language; just metal.

"Silence the Earth" - From the precise drum work to the hardcore vocals, this is a song worth headbanging to. The beat is fast, but still has some melody to it. With lyrics that make you think and Kostas powerful voice, this is a great storyline. "Still Dreaming" - Just by the song title makes me think of the things I am still dreaming of. Meanwhile the song tells us "We are standing side by side", and I agree with that statement wholly. This is a point I think many miss, we are still mankind and need each other. And side by side we will prevail.

"Spiritual Revolution" reminds me a little of 90's metal. Maybe that's why they express having heavy alternative vibes. I really like Kostas’ accent while singing as well as the parts that are sung in his language. It adds to the complexity of the album throughout. I think this is an aggressive metal album that the old school metalist will vibe well with.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Extinction
2. Revolt Against the Modern World
3. A Homage to the Tribes
4. The End of Tradition
5. Silence the Earth
6. Exposure
7. Heading For Downfall
8. Still Dreaming
Kostas - Vocals
Thanos - Guitars
Zach - Guitars
Greg - Bass
Orestis - Drums
Record Label: Opus Records


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Edited 02 December 2022

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