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Mind Odyssey - Best Of: 15 Years (CD)

Mind Odyssey
Best Of: 15 Years
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 23 July 2008, 12:03 PM

MIND ODYSSEY stirred things up with their maiden demo release that received an overwhelming feedback, especially from the land of the rising sun. This positive response by the media gave the band the chance to sign an international record deal and eventually release the debut album Keep It All Turning in the mid of 1993. Their second album entitled Schizophenia was recorded with Victor Smolski in the guitars and keyboards. Victor has become widely known to the Metal scene after his addition to RAGE's lineup during the Ghosts album era.
Well, Victor brought fresh air to MIND ODYSSEY with his trademark guitar sound and his classic background. The next two albums established the band in the Power/Progressive Metal and gave them the chance to perform in front of bigger audiences.
So, after almost fifteen years MIND ODYSSEY are active again preparing a new album that will be released through Napalm Records. In the meantime the band is releasing a 'best of' compilation to celebrate the fifteen years and renew the Metal scene's interest.
The compilation kicks in with the brand new recording Rave & Swan that has a fast tempo and a distinct RAGE sound. While listening to this collection of songs I realized how much Smolski has influenced my favorite German band, RAGE. Smolski has a natural talent in mixing Classic and Heavy Metal music. You can find many references in Classic music in his guitar phrasing and scales that are wrapped in a Metal profile creating a powerful and definitely original sound. You can get a taste of this sound in Men Of No Return that enters with symphonic orchestration and moves to the Metal sound so smoothly that you cannot tell the difference.  Mario Le Mole has a voice that can be described as Peavey (RAGE) meets James LaBrie (DREAM THEATER) combining the power of the first and the melody of the latter. The choice of song pretty much covers the band's catalogue, although it is focused on the Smolski years, something that is a logical sequent to the fact that three out of four albums were made with him.
Actually, this compilation is an excellent way to meet this band that in some degree is underestimated and totally forgotten. There are Progressive Metal oriented tracks like Nailed To The Shade (without the extravagant show off), Apollo 13 or Illusions and some faster heavier songs like Born Bastards or Possessed By You that touch the RAGE territory. The keyboards race the guitars in terms of melody and scale changing for the shake of our ears! The overlaying Power Metal profile can be misleading here because there are a lot of things happening here waiting for you to sink your teeth in.
I think I wrote enough for you to understand where I stand with this release. If you are a RAGE fan (during their recent era) and you like listening to the traditional Progressive Metal then this is an excellent choice. After all, it is nice to remember this band and actually know what to expect in their future release.

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Raven & Swan
In The Dark
Men Of No Return
Nailed To The Shade
Possessed By You
Apollo 13
Confide In You
Born Bastards
Not With Me
Mario Le Mole - Vocals
Victor Smolski - Guitar And Keyboards
Charly Czajkowski - Drums
Record Label: M.O. Entertainment


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