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Mindfall - Post-Apocalyptic Grind

Post-Apocalyptic Grind
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 24 June 2015, 4:15 PM

Demo CDs and tapes are true traditions on Metal scene since the 70s. It was on those times a demonstration tape of a band’s work, to present it to a record label (so it wasn’t a tape from Hell, as many may think). On the last 15 or 20 years, with the growing of Metal press due Internet ample reach, it became a precious tool to reach the fans as well. And in the middle of many bands, there are those that are truly special, the ones that can have a bright future with the right chance. And the Finnish Death Metal quintet MINDFALL shows on their first release, the Demo CD “Post-Apocalyptic Grind” is a fine proof of their talent.

What we see here is something between the brutality of traditional Death Metal along with that melodic insight of Finnish bands of the style. But even in a so initial stage of their work, you can feel a great talent arising. Their mix is well balanced since now, and the necessary corrections they need, only the experience to play on shows can grant. But by now, their mix of guttural vocals (but using a clean insight, so you can understand with little effort the lyrics), fine guitar duo (from where all their melodic insight comes) and a strong, technical and heavy rhythmic session is something can really catch you all up.

The sound quality is ok, being heavy and clean the way the band music needs to be understood. They really got a fine result in terms of sound quality, and just a little could be better (maybe some tunes on guitars really can be better), but it’s not bad.

There are four good songs on this Demo. On “False Decisions - Fatal Actions”, you’ll feel great melodies on guitars along with very good grunts, and it’s their most aggressive song. “Slashed Tongues” presents a heavy (but technical) approach, and a very good refrain, along with fine work from bass and drums; and “Dead Inside” follows the same style, with very good solos from guitar. And “Shadows Grow Deep” is their finest moment on the Demo, with some melodic and introspective feeling on the start, but it has a mid paced tempo, what makes their melodic side more evident.

Of course they still have a long way to go. But they are on the right road.

4 Star Rating

1. False Decisions - Fatal Actions
2. Slashed Tongues
3. Dead Inside
4. Shadows Grow Deep
J. Aunola - Vocals
J. Tolonen - Guitars
A. Aunola - Guitars
M. Pakanen - Bass
J. Huttunen - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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