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Mindfeeder - Endless Storm

Endless Storm
by YngwieViking at 23 December 2013, 4:20 PM

“Endless Storm” is a quite typical Power Metal album, in the same category of those released by LABYRINTH in their early times or Brazil’s HEAVEN’S GUARDIAN, very Latin in fact. Indeed the style is clearly influenced by EDGUY / mid 90’s GAMMA RAY / early STRATOVARIUS and co., but the final sounding is clearly more in the direction of the 90’s happy Metal think FREEDOM CALL or TREASURE SEEKER, modernized and darkened by a vocalist who possess a strongest vocal organ than most of the thin high pitched Power Metal singers, more like Russell Allen or Dickinson than Kotipelto if you get my thoughts (those comparisons must be tempered however).

The Portuguese band is young but the playing is tight, enhanced by a good vocalist and a production handled by legendary Euro Metal protagonist, the mastermind behind IRON SAVIOR Mr. Piet Sielck (SAVAGE CIRCUS). The result is efficient and the sound balance is perfect and crisp, Piet who also contributes guest vocals and lead guitar is knows the recipe better than anyone .

The elements are very classic and well known: fast double kick / bombastic arrangements / powerful chorus and Pop 80’s Keyboards with epic thematic, nothing really new or outstanding but a fine crafted, bunch of songs for the nostalgia and the perfect palliative for the die-hard HELLOWEEN's fans.

4 Star Rating

1. The Call
2. Endless Storm
3. Colors of The Skie
4. 1628
5. Feed Your Mind
6. Together
7. Memories
8. Our Side of Life
Leo - Vocals
Nuno - Guitars
Piri - Guitars
Ricardo Martins - Keyboards
Henrique Sobral - Drums
Sergio Themudo - Bass
Record Label: Metalodic Records


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