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MindMaze - Back From The Edge

Back From The Edge
by YngwieViking at 16 October 2014, 9:02 PM

“Back From the Edge” is MINDMAZE’s second full-length effort and possibly, a giant step further from the self-financed debut album "Mask of Lies" (2013), providing some new parameters such a new freshness with a progressive tendency that was already dormant but undeveloped, yet in progress for their early recordings (“Moment of Flight” and even more in the epic “The Machine Stops”). But rather than sacrificing the Metallic edge it gives a new enrichment to their sound, a broad horizon, a scale for a future evolution, maybe their big breakout momentum on the road to triumph. Hailing from Allentown, Pennsylvania, MINDMAZE is the brainchild of Jeff and Sarah Teets, a Female fronted Power Metal outlet that is conceived under a typical European mode, with some mandatory elements that are obviously updated in the American Heavy tradition. The musical enhancements are spectacular, taking shape as a new found capacity in the lead guitar spots, a few dynamic driving rhythms with excellent musicianship and a strong sense of melody, the core of the sonic identity is still present in large proportion, improvement in serenity and continuity!

“Consequence of Choice” is one of the finest Melodic tracks; an original structure with some great string layers and a similarity in the harmonies with the STRYPER's recipe, another grandiose opportunity to celebrate their belief and their positive message!
MINDMAZE has made an upturn metamorphosis with “Back From The Edge”, and I believe this album will stand the test of time gloriously and will be remembered as a cornerstone of their career . The production is also under a big makeover, precise, powerful and crystal clear, yet massive, the perfectly balanced mixing and the sound quality is on par with the best European release : no doubt about that!

The strongest asset of “Back From The Edge”, beside the songs itself, is the incredible singing of Miss Teets, recorded in a flawless demonstration wake, with an intrepid execution, a confident rendition, Sarah Teets is clearly at the top of her game, at least vocally speaking!

The new bass player slot is filled by an illustrious musician, a member of one of the most high profile bands in the world, namely Mike LePond from the almighty SYMPHONY X, who provides a fierce performance as expected from such a magnificent skilled bassist. Another big selling point and a convincing marketing trick, behind the superb songwriting and the magical vocal interpretation of Sarah, it’s of course the amazing guest list with not only some fantastic playing provided by Swedish legendary keyboardist Jens Johansson (STRATOVARIUS and exRISING FORCE), a few Shred-guitar cameo by Matt Johnsen (PHARAOH / FOOL’S GAME), Jeff Pouring (MAVERICK HUNTER), the ultra talented Aussie Lord Tim Grose (LORD / BLACKENED ANGEL / exDUNGEON), and backing vocals from Chad Barnes (DRAEKON), but it’s also an efficient method to ensure a strong credibility for MINDMAZE, a good way to expand their audience in the whole Melodic Metal community

Another undeniable proof that the smart breed of Metal music is still alive and well…Amazing MINDMAZE!

4 Star Rating

1. Back from the Edge
2. Through the Open Door
3. Moment of Flight
4. Dreamwalker
5. The Machine Stops
6. Consequence of Choice
7. End of Eternity
8. Onward (Destiny Calls II)
Sarah Teets - Lead Vocals
Jeff Teets - Lead Guitars, Backing Vocals
Kalin Schweizerhof - Drums
Mike LePond - Bass
Record Label: Inner Wound Recordings


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