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MindMirror - Daily Dose

Daily Dose
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 29 December 2011, 1:28 PM

Aside from only a few Metal / Hard Rock acts, I have always captured Finnish Metal, no matter which subgenre in question, as pretty dark and cold. Maybe it is because of lack of sunlight or a plain affection to towards negative state mind; I really can’t tell but on the other hand, that same pessimism lead to some great musical outcomes. MINDMIRROR, out from Seinajoki, has been playing a modern kind of Metal blend that treads in several musical fields such for almost five years now. “Daily Dose” is their debut EP, a small dosage of interesting music.

MINDMIRROR, through four tracks, seemed to have covered everything that is internal or private struggles, regrets and personal failures. Along with their music, it sure reminded me of the later era of SENTENCED, early 00s of PARADISE LOST and the ongoing POISONBLACK. I wouldn’t exactly call it Gothic or depressive kind of Metal, though the atmosphere of the EP might indicate of that conception, but their type of Heavy Metal was definitely afflicted by several elements of the sorts. All in all, the music was like an open book to me therefore it was rather easy to connect with it.

“Daily Dose” doesn't offer any new trends of the present but only straight to the face Metal with no technical strings attached. The riffages are pretty simple to handle, a catchy sense of choruses, great solos without being too shabby and steady beats.  Furthermore, the entire tracklist follows the same vibe; MINDMIRROR didn’t seem to pay attention towards a dynamic nature because they really didn’t need one here. The songs, though different from one another, seem to have a sort of connection between them, which is also the reason why I can’t really pin point to any favourite track. I truly really enjoyed the whole four in the same rate.

MINDMIRROR may be the next SENTENCED, or at least the later era of the band. The same state of mind and atmosphere are in place, the question is if they will keep on following this direction in their coming release. As a SENTENCED fan, I sure hope they will.


4 Star Rating

1.War of Annihilation
2. Lost
3. Daily Dose
4. Options 
Jouni Alho– Vocals
Karri Kallio– Rhythm Guitars
Lasse Laihold– Lead Guitars
Juha Ritari– Bass
Henri Rantala- Drums
Record Label: Independent


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