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Mind's Eye - A Gentleman's Hurricane (CD)

Mind's Eye
A Gentleman's Hurricane
by Grigoris Chronis at 17 September 2007, 1:21 AM

Swedish Rock/Metal bands are - in average - notable ones. Now, this so-called 'Prog' thing surely ain't my cup of tea but it's quite good to (now and then) keep an eye on similar releases so as to check out the development - or decadence - of the genre plus to confirm the likes/dislikes captured. MIND'S EYE release their newest effort, A Gentleman's Hurricane, and - having myself semi-hooked on them since the mid-90s - news seems to be quite good for followers of this high-profile trio.
The 5th official full-length CD this is for MIND'S EYE, right? 2006's Walking on H2O was of high respect, eventually. The variety in tempos, melodies, mood and harmonic vocal themes can be considered as a trademark for this mature Swedish band, even if the wide audience never seemed to approve in-action the act's liability in providing the Prog Metal world with quality works.
The same goes on in A Gentleman's Hurricane: notable orchestral arrangements, dozens of riffs and - weird enough for a Prog Metal band - not countless guitar solos. MIND'S EYE seems more eager to portray themes and melodies that tie normally, instead of unveiling endless effectuation in music skills.The album is quite moody (tons of keys stuff), again the songwriting product reminded me some of THRESHOLD's (or SPOCK'S BEARD's) deeds, Novak's vocals are passionate and morose while he's not addicted to high-pitched stuff.
Daniel Flores (AVALON, SECRET SPHERE) seems to be in charge of the whole album again. His writing is quite cinematic, while his references guide the listener mostly to Prog Rock stuff. Bearing in mind he has only to two associates to 'build' his creations, it's essential to praise (again) the chemistry and musicianship in the band. In addition, the production is crystal clear and touches the Metal perspective of the band, tying elegantly with the rockin' stuff pre-said.
As for the lyrics concept: it's sad such stories not to accompany the CD promo copy, so I'll just guide you to the story itself as attached in the Lion Music website. The band will release a triple pack consisting of the normal CD, a comic book presenting the concept and a 'making of' DVD.   
Many have opposed to MIND'S EYE description as a 'true' Prog Metal band: in any way, this Swedish outfit seems rather capable of preserving its own ideals and - time will tell, eventually - they are rather keen on fulfilling their own needs instead of seeking endlessly for platinum success. Listening to A Gentleman's Hurricane again I can (fore)see why the band may not apply to 'mainstream' progsters. On the other hand, this is 'true' enough. I'd propose you give it a try, in conclusion. I think A Gentleman's Hurricane is worth it. It may not be true 'Prog Metal' but it definitely is 'true' Prog.

3 Star Rating

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Andreas Novak - Vocals
Johan Niemann - Guitars, Bass
Daniel Flores - Drums, Keyboards, Vocals
Record Label: Lion Music


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