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Mindshift - Horizon

by Aaron "Five Magics" Price at 06 July 2015, 2:05 AM

"It's like I'm running as fast as I can, without moving an inch" umm.. Right. Welcome to what kind of… Inspiring lyrics await you in the newest release from Swedish Metalcore band MINDSHIFT. Independently released, "Horizon" is full of a lot of interesting choices, but you're allowed to do that when you're not on a label. To try something different, we will split this us into two parts, what to expect from the members and what to expect in some of the songs.

As a whole, this album has a lot of things I didn't like and very few things I did like. The things that I did like though, were so mediocre that I can't even remember off the top of my head what they were. As for what I didn't like, well where to start? I like longer albums, although some of my favourite bands release albums averaging around 35 minutes, I always find myself more compelled to a 60 minute album from a band I like than a 40 minute album from a band I love. Speaking of which, this album is 15 songs average of close 4 minutes per song means it'll clock in at about 50-60 minutes, awesome right? Well when the album has no real draw to it, every song feels like a rip off of the last and the entire album feels like its been rehashed from the song before it then 60 minutes before you listen to a different album quickly becomes 5 minutes. So, why does it feel like this? Vocalist Mao has two sides to him, a whiny BLACK VEIL BRIDES style of clean vocals where all the lyrics sounds very woe is me, and a "I smoke 10 packs of cigarettes a day and I'm batman" kind of harsh vocal. Every song has the same vocal tempo, nothing new is ever offered and it sounds like someone ranting on Facebook about a bad relationship that just ended. There are moments in the album where the drummer and guitarist don't like up, sounding like one is playing the wrong song and through the entire album, I didn't hear the bass once!

As for the music, there are some very interesting choices I'm not sure why were made. For example, at the end of the song "Eye For An Eye" the band breaks in to an INSANELY out of place breakdown literally after the song has actually ended. First thought, okay this is meant to lead in to the next song, no that's not it because the breakdown ends then there's silence and then a very uninteresting electronic part to start the next song "Drowning."

This is a release I just can't get behind, I tried to like it, I tried to get behind what they had to offer but I can't find a silver lining here. MINDSHIFT's "Horizon" had nothing to offer that was memorable in anyways besides an album I have no interest in every going back to.

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1. Origin
2. Arise
3. Horizon
4. The Art
5. In The End
6. My Revenge
7. Eye For An Eye
8. Drowning
9. Suffer In Silence
10. Decay
11. Absolution
12. Light
13. A Thousand Scars
14. Single Session Therapy
15. Reflection
Mao - Vocals
Johan Lund - Guitars
Kim Bengtsson - Guitars
Eddie Siojo - Bass
Fabbe - Drums


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Edited 31 January 2023

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