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Mindtech - Omnipresence

by Kai Naiman at 18 February 2020, 4:32 AM

Alright folks, here's the deal - if you are a fan of bands in the likes of STRATOVARIUS, DARKWATER and CIRCUS MAXIMUS, much like yours truly - this album will fit right in your alley.

"Omnipresence" is MINDTECH's second full-length record to date. Throughout the entire album, the Norwegian unit pulled out the heaviest guns they could, and thoroughly delivered an album that incorporates the elements that brought major names in the Nordic Power Metal scene to their current reputation, while still maintaining a certain flow that gives the songs a more progressive feel. One of the most noticeable elements discussed is Mathias Indergård's vocal timbre and vocal lines presented. Mathias has a very specific, northern-European tone - very clear and punctual. This aids creating the melodies necessary for this style of music. Overall, the melodies on this record are relatively expected, but not overall rememberable in terms of ingenuity and novelty - quite a "been there, done that" song structure and direction.

Although MINDTECH clearly didn't discover a new horizon for the genre, there are also an abundance of positives lurking beneath the shadows of "Omnipresence". The guitar work, especially in the intersections and solos, is both interesting and cunning. Both Eriksen and Belseth laid down groovy and masterful jams throughout the entire record. If I had to be specific though, the solos in "These Are The Days", "Through The Veil" and "Brahman". Speaking of "Brahman", it is also the song in which I found the tastiest and fieriest riffs on the album. Bassist Ola Øverli introduces us to the track with a down-slide, further led by progressive sections accompanied by the guitar duo. Overall, everything composition-wise does seem to flow together quite well on "Omnipresence", which the occasional mean repetitive griding break-downs that add little to the assortment, but is still quite pleasurable to the ears.

In short, my impression of MINDTECH's "Omnipresence" is a similar one to what DARKWATER's "Human" would become - a solid effort to reintroduce the band back out of obscurity, but not quite entirely there. It does feel like the path is still lingering in ambiguous ambience for MINDTECH though, so it wouldn't be unwise to expect a reimbursed MINDTECH release in the upcoming future. For the time being, though, enjoy "Omnipresence" for what it is - a fun and energetic Power Metal song collection with slight hinges of progressive nuances, created by a group of very talented Nordic musicians.

Songwriting: 7
Production: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 6

3 Star Rating

1. The Big Question
2. The Lotus Eyed
3. Unity
4. These Are The Days
5. The Journey
6. Standing Tall
7. Brahman
8. Through The Veil
Mathias Molund Indergård - Vocals
Thor-Axel Eriksen - Guitars
Ole Devold - Drums
Marius Belseth - Guitars
Ola A. Øverli - Bass
Record Label: TriTech Music


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Edited 10 December 2022

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