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Mindwars - The Enemy Within Award winner

The Enemy Within
by Paulomaniaco at 04 January 2015, 1:02 AM

MINDWARS was born in 2013 and masterminded by Roby Vitary former member of JESTER BEAST and MIKE ALVORD, ex-HOLY TERROR. Funnily enough, they had met while touring in Europe in 1989 with their former bands, even more funny is the fact that they had roots connection through families, that is a Italian connection through their Grandparents in Calabria region, Southern Of Italy, after 25 years they decided to get together and the result was this excellent Speed Thrash Metal band called MINDWARS, which by the way is one of the best albums released by HOLY TERROR in 1988, so the result of a such mix could only have one outcome, a great album indeed!!

This album definitely revives the NWoBHM era, I like the way it was produced and the mixing is excellent, some may find it a bit weird but I tell you the more you listen to it, the more it will grow on you, lovers of Speed Thrash behold!!! Be ready for a trip back to the 80s.

"Upside Down" has a cool intro a la PINK FLOYD a prelude to chaos, and you are in a "Crash" double kicks, sharp guitars and bingo, awesome stuff, the vocals by Mike are just amazing, and that's right: "Speed Kills" has low notes and heavy bass, excellent chorus, musically is just great and the solos do the rest. "Retrobution" a more slow approach but kicks ass, it reminds of CATHEDRAL, good melodies and very catching chorus.

"Time In The Machine" has lots of crazy noises and then boom, fast, aggressive and Mike vocals are just too good, deep and long, very interesting song with lots of variations, I am "Lost" for words, slow and heavy, a nice ballad, I am lost in deep space and now all I see is "Chaos"

headbanging hard, as I said before, the more you listen to the songs more it grows on you, great solos, Speed Thrash is alive and well, and let's face it, it sounds like HOLY TERROR, and that's good, actually very good. The "Final Battle" has been won for sure, "The Master Of War" are here and are ready to conquer the world once more and "Death Comes Twice" for you, those who dare will survive the battle and united we shall rise and never to be "walking Alone" ever again!

In my opinion this is a masterpiece; this is the reason I am what I am, a Metalhead, it has taken many years since Mike has ended his business with  HOLY TERROR but now he has returned stronger than ever and the union with Roby makes things even more interesting and the lucky ones are us!!
Top notch production, artwork fucking cool!!!

5 Star Rating

1. Upside down
2. Crash
3. Speed Kills
4. Retrobution
5. Time In The Machine
6. Lost
7. Chaos
8. Final Battle
9. Masters of War
10. Death Comes Twice
11. Walking Alone
Danny "Z" Pizzi - Bass
Roby Vitari - Drums
Mike Alvord - Guitars, Vocals
Record Label: Punishment 18 Records


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