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Mindwork - Eterea

by YngwieViking at 18 February 2013, 4:36 PM

World trade globalization is a controversial subject, with a lot of arguments that are quite valid, in both camps, but concerning music, and Heavy Metal in particular, I think that this new world order is something pretty glorious and a great blessing for Metal pilgrims and curious minds like me and many others.

Indeed, I have today in hand, the second self-produced work, of this young bunch out of Czech Republic denominated MINDWORK, and this band that is now performing as a trio, play a very dexterous kind of Metal; with their nationality which is only a detail, among the many musical ingredients and numerous qualifying specifications. This new global system and the www helps artists from all over the globe, in reaching the listeners ears as easily as their peers from UK or USA. MINDWORK is the living proof that talent knows no borders.

This album called “Eterea” is beautifully displayed in a digipack with a colorful but strange cover, with no name nor logo on it. I think it is one of the early, out of the many particularities of this CD, in fact a myriad of enigmas are sprinkled all over this very uncommon and intriguing but warmly recommended release. My weirdness of the month.

However, the short introduction “Enter Eterea” isn’t the most engaging acoustic piece, another weird choice, but quickly the musical concept has taken its shape and still growing to a better and better unidentified metal item, and for the next 50 minutes or so, you, the listener, will be the witness of the limitless art of Filip Kittnar, Adam Palma  & Martin Schuster  that wiggled with virtuosity from one mood to the opposite, in an experimental disorientated perpetual movement wave.

The finest tracks are “Perceiving Reality”, “Causality”, “Enthusiastic Waves” and most of all the huge instrumental closing cut “Eterea Colapse” are full of destabilizing twists and turns with absolutely no restraint in the musical stylistic edge or in the avant-garde instrumentations, sporadic growls / scream / harsh vocals, Jazzy walking bass lines, epileptic temperamental blast beats, Phrygians modal lead soloing and staccato riffing the whole panoply is brilliantly exposed with some technically perfect interpretation. Pretty well composed with some real progression in the structures and some ever changing pace with disturbing tempos like Mathcore with a straight focus on melodies and positive vibes like the hit single (only joking) “Mind Renewal”.

Nevertheless this CD isn’t for everyone here at Metal Temple, it’s a dangerous platter and not easy to digest, so you must check it before buying. But if you are open minded enough or if you are interested by testing this Neo Xtrem Proto-Prog Rock (wonderfully) described by myself, it’s clearly worth trying this finally very attaching album: maybe you can find here on a real unpolished gem to add to your freak collection.

3 Star Rating

1. Enter Eterea
2. Perceiving The Reality
3. The Stream Of Causality
4. Mind Renewal
5. Causality (The Reconciliation
6. Reaping Of Waters
7. Stillness Of The Sea
8. Enthusiastic Waves
9. Eterea Collapse
Adam Palma - Bass
Filip Kittnar - Drums
Martin Schuster  - Lead Vocals / Lead Guitar
Record Label: Marast Music


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