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Mindwork - Into The Swirl (Reissue) Award winner

Into The Swirl (Reissue)
by Andrija "TheIslander" Petrovic at 08 August 2013, 10:58 AM

If your musical taste goes all over the place, and you`re not strictly tied to Metal and it`s subgenres, than you`ll love “Into The Swirl”. The debut album of Czech MINDWORK brings a bit of everything. Original release date was back in 2009, four years later the reissue comes out, with addition of four bonus (demo) tracks that hail from band`s 2008 “Inside The Consciousness” Demo .

First thing you`ll notice on this album is that these guys can play some seriously good music. The other thing, are the vocals, you`ll probably need some time to get adjusted to them. “Into The Swirl” brings amazingly smooth transitions between faster, almost brutal parts, and slower and melodic ones. The precise drumming is keeping the rhythm while the guitars are leading the melody, and bass is there to enrich the whole composition by filling the silence and creating the base for melodic parts. Usually, Metal bands make combinations with Classical music, but MINDWORK had something different in mind. They managed into all “chaos” of Progressive Metal to subtly merge some Jazz sections along with best parts of Trash and Death Metal, and they`ve done it in a great way. Best example is “Freedom Of Mentality”.

It seems that MINDWORK is concentrated on instrumental parts, which sound amazing, more than lyrical or vocal parts. As far as I`m concerned, “Into The Swirl” would make amazing instrumental album.

From deep space, through the nightmare, smooth Jazz club and further into adventure… This is where MINDWORK`s “Into The Swirl” would take you, and not in that particular order necessarily. 

4 Star Rating

1. Into The Swirl
2. Unrecognized Entity
3. Inner Consciousness
4. Essence Of Existence
5. Freedom Of Mentality
6. Wretchlessness
7. Parasite
8. Twisted Priorities
9. On The Path To Oblivion
10. Inner Consciousness (Demo Version)
11. Freedom Of Mentality (Demo Version)
12. Wretchlessness (Demo Version)
13. Twisted Priorities (Demo Version)
Adam Palma – Bass
Filip Kittnar – Drums
Martin Schuster – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboard
Record Label: Divebomb Records


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