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Ministry of Hate - All Your Godz Are Dead Award winner

Ministry of Hate
All Your Godz Are Dead
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 13 August 2012, 5:30 PM

There is nothing more discouraging and disappointing when something or someone that you trusted with all your means fails you on a stable and permanent basis. When you were promised peace, all you got is war. When you were sure that you are covered with all the security in the world, some religious maniac hails out from his cave and blows himself up. When you were supposed to be guaranteed to a standard social life, you find out that you are in the bottom of the lake with the lowest of the low. So why not get pissed off? I know I would have and so is the ministry, the US Metal band, the MINISTRY OF HATE. Though pretty evenly flashing out the same stuff that has been making the paranoid among us to wet their bed at nights, which has been covered by many artists along the years, they do it with a measure of wicked elegance. This new Thrash Metal entity formed by veteran members of the US Metal scene from various of bands like OVERKILL, HADES, PROWLER and additional projects bound their old school Metal heritage with their debut album, “All Your Godz Are Dead”. If you believe that cruelty roams among us like cats swarming a dumpster, you would better tune in to this 10 tracked number. Thrash Metal comes out smashing and crushing from several of directions, a bit modern, somewhat old schooled, a bit groovy and a little speedy and mean.

After I tuned to this debut album, I believe that the MINISTRY OF HATE band is a divine matchmaking between four veterans made in pits or in the deepest gutters of city streets (just to keep you under perspective that is connected to this album’s aura). I also think that this venture would stands out as the best career moves for crew, especially for vocalist / guitarist Mike Cusumano and his ex-PROWLER peer, MJ Malinski on the bass. However, the other two members, Ron Lipinicki (Drumming hellishly for OVERKILL) and the lead guitarist Scott LePage (shredding and running up and down the fret board for the assumingly reunited HADES) will also benefit from this experience quite a lot and it is hard to imagine this machine running without their performance and inputs even if this undertaking is rather new.

As for the music, I noticed that MINISTRY OF HATE took a crack on diversifying their Thrash Metal roots into a new kind of monster. Honestly it wasn’t generally done but without a doubt their end product made me bang my head furiously more than a few times. I found similarities to mid 90s ANNIHILATOR, late 80s ANTHRAX and of course there are also mementos of OVERKILL and HADES, especially thanks to the sound productions, lead guitar signatures and great 90s oriented grooves. There is a series of great riffages that serve as smacking wakeup call blows or in your face attack modes that came from the womb of an angry mind twisting and convulsing nonstop. However, as much as I liked the rhythms I couldn’t hold myself when LePage began hitting the high stakes with his amazing solo incursions, such classic skill is something I wished every new Thrash Metal band would have. Sadly it is not always the case. Vocally, I was very satisfied with Cusumano’s straightforward and crooked vocals, a mixture of Hetfield & Waters, always vigilant and ready to strike. Such fury fitted the songs like an iron glove.

Coming out to the strong titles there is “Thrash & Bang”, the explosive motivational moshpit Thrasher that would round up every true Metalhead. “Blood of Achmed”, “Bagged”and “Threads”, at least on my end are connected with their overall hate, disbelief and current ugly state of affairs that is very bad.These three are the perfect Thrash examples of how these guys are serious about their words, and the music is accordingly. I will sum this up with one single sentence. If it takes veterans to make something bombastic, MINISTRY OF HATE are one of the best examples, go ahead and crave for it. 

4 Star Rating

1. Rise to the Bottom
2. 912
3. Blood of Achmed
4. Bagged
5. Prelude to Hate
6. Threads
7. Painmaker
8. Thrash & Bang
9. Machine Gun Serenade
10. Ballad of Charlie Sheen
Mike Cusumano– Vocals / Guitars
Ron Lipnicki– Drums
Scott LePage– Guitars
MJ Malinski- Bass
Record Label: Independent


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