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Ministry - Cover Up (CD)

Cover Up
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 20 March 2008, 6:46 PM

There are only two possibilities. Either the fact that since Jourgensen founded 13th Planet Records has been a pretty positive move for MINISTRY and everything they released from that point kicks ass or it is just my imagination and I just don't want to accept that MINISTRY have said that The Last Sucker was their last album ever. Time will show…

I believe that a band like MINISTRY needs no introduction.  These guys have been through many musical and line up changes leaving their trademark on the Metal, as well as the Industrial scene. Mr. Jourgensen is a guy with real guts, since he has achieved to be an important persona for both the above mentioned music scenes. So, what is he up to this time?

An album full of all the cover songs MINISTRY have ever played. I can't say that this is a good or a bad move by the band. Collector's stuff or a move for some extra money? I am not the one who will say something like that. Anyway, Cover Up is a release that shows how different can an original song sound in the hands of a not so ordinary band. MINISTRY are tearing apart (in a good way) classic songs like Roadhouse Blues by THE DOORS, What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong and Black Betty by RAM JAM among many others. Wouldn't you like to listen to classic songs being covered in razor sharp guitars, screaming vocals and a totally Industrial outfit?

It surely is interesting and it is definitely a release I pleasantly listen to, but is it a release that is worth buying? I will tell you what. This release IS worth buying, but (and I say BUT) I recommend it only to fans of MINISTRY. People that haven't listened to anything by this band should first get in touch with their sound. I don't think that an album with cover songs would be a good buying option for anyone that has no relation with MINISTRY.

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Under My Thumb
Bang A Bong
Radar Love
Space Truckin'
Black Betty
Mississippi Queen
Just Got Paid
Roadhouse Blues
Lay Lady Lay
What A Wonderful World
Alain Alien Jourgensen - Vocals, Guitar, Programming
Tommy Victor - Guitar
Sin Quirin - Guitar
Eddy Garcia - Bass
John Bechdel - Keyboards
Record Label: 13th Planet Records


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