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Minos - MMXI

by Angela “MetalDancer” Van Der Kreeft at 14 May 2012, 5:38 PM

MINOS is an US band formed in June 2009. So this band’s quite new, but at the same time their debut album “MMXI” does sound like they’ve been around much longer. That does not only concern the way they’re handling their instruments, it also includes their knowledge about the classic genres they’ve been mixing together inside their own style that can be found in between Celtic, Folk, Heavy Metal and Power Metal. MINOS did release “MMXI” independentlyand in a way that does show that they do know what they want and act like it.

My obsession for Metal Music started almost 30 years ago and a lot has changed since then, also when it does come to the amount of genres. Half of the styles MINOS did use for their debut album “MMXI” didn’t even exist 30 years ago, but Heavy Metal did and by using that genre at the same time with other genres, MINOS did manage to capture a fresh sound with familiar genres inside a very powerful touch. To pull that off one does need skilled players and MINOS is certainly a band that knows how to play.

“MMXI” is a journey through stories, legends and myths filled with survival and wars. MINOS‘s use of folk, Celtic, Heavy Metal and Power Metal to do so gives this journey extra dimension. The band delivers excellent guitar work, drum lines, bass rhythms and vocal performances that are in a constant dynamic motion, moving and changing, making “MMXI” candy for the Metal minded ears.

The album does start guitar work folk style, but in no time the Metal element’s added to give the folk style depth and energy in a Power Metal way. The beginning of a story about the why behind the war that’s going on. After that a flight’s shown, through the heavens, across the sky, showing how small and distant the ground is and everything on it. Just to overcome that distance with a serious look at what really was, is and probably will be. All backed up with harsh, dark and clear vocals, a lot of amazing guitar work and almost constant drums and bass lines.

MINOS‘s “MMXI” turned out to be a very nice surprise that I really enjoyed listening to. It did handle the repeat play like the best and in my opinion MINOS sure has something going here.

4 Star Rating

1. Antitheticus
2. Skyfire
3. Lost river
4. Forest Song
5. Across Eternit
6. Tankards Of Ei
7. Sapphire
8. Karta
9. Pirate Soul
10. Warsong
Jason Hickman - Vocals
Chelsi Igel - Guitar
Joe Waller - Guitar/Vocals
Charles Tune - Bass
Dan Olson - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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