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Minotaur – MMXXI

by Mark Machlay at 26 May 2021, 6:40 AM

German-Hamburg based thrash metal band MINOTAUR are trying to freshen up songs from their previous LP with re-recorded versions on their new EP “Re-Recorded MMXXI”. The band formed in 1983 pretty much with the first wave of thrash bands that were breaking big all over the world in the early 80s. Ever since the band released their first song on Rock Hard’s compilation “Teutonic Invasion Part 1” back in 1987, they have been going strong ever since. Supported by several demos, the compilation was followed by their first full-length in 1988, the acclaimed “Power of Darkness”. Several singles and Eps followed with worldwide gigs and tours under their belt. They would visit such countries as Mexico, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, and Denmark with well-known bands such as SADUS, SODOM, HELSTAR, HADES< RAGE, VENDETTA, ONKEL TOM, SAMAEL, SABBAT, HOLY MOSES and many more.

Unfortunately, it would not be until 2009 that the band would release their second full-length album “God May Show You Mercy…We Will Not” featuring cover art from Erik “Tyrant” Gustavsson of Swedish black metal band Nifelheim. In addition to the long wait between work, more bad news, the production on MINOTAUR’s latest LP did not prove to be the best. In an attempt to save a few of the songs from mediocrity, the band chose 4 choice tracks from “God May Show You Mercy…We Will Not” to be featured on “Re-Recorded MMXXI”. There most recent work – an EP entitled “Beast of Nations” that received decent but not great reviews – is now 5 years old so it’s good to see “new” material from the band after such a wait.

MINOTAUR are of one those long forgotten 80s thrash bands that never seemed to soften over the years and always put decent “working man” thrash metal that was consistently average to above average. With the growing resurgence of thrash metal bands reforming and putting new material out you would think they would finally get their due but unfortunately, owing to never really changing up their sound, the band is still in the middle of the pack but with better production this time. Still there is the signature vocal style with high pitched snarling approaching black metal, akin to early blackened thrash metal bands like SODOM but taken into the extreme. The production is certainly considerably better, the guitars are clearer, the bass is less boomy, and the highs of the snare and cymbals don’t wash out the entire mix. But, unfortunately, despite the decent guitar work and an especially nice tip of the hat to Csaba Furst for the drum work in the opener “Cannonballfire”, I’m afraid the band the band is going to continue to be sidelined despite the decent step-up in the delivery on this EP.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 5
Production: 9

3 Star Rating

1. Cannonballfire
2. Rather Die
3. Into Oblivion
4. Tales of Terror
David – Bass
Csaba Furst – Drums
Andi – Guitars & Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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