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Minotaurus - Victims Of The Underworld

Victims Of The Underworld
by Quinten Serna at 24 January 2020, 2:50 AM

Being centered around a niche genre, MINOTAURUS, manages to convey some of the more obscure aspects of Folk and Celtic music through the vehicle of Metal. Having released their sixth album, “Victims Of The Underworld”MINOTAURUS follows the foundation they have laid and continues on within the boroughs of musical niches they have crafted for themselves.

Title track, ”Victims Of The Underwold”, opens up the album with strummed acoustic chords and an accompanied baritone which both foreshadow the melody and rhythm that quickly follow. The song following the wake of the previous is “Immortality”, which begins with both similar chords and progression before deviating for the verse. “Born From Roots” is the closest any of the music comes to a jib and does well in such regards, even utilizing a marching snare for the verse progression. “Wrought Iron” commences with a groove interspersed with reaching chords which both build upon one another until a full shift between progression and singer. “Raven’s Fate” begins much the same as the title track wherein the prelude is composed of traditional instruments that highlight the melody and theme of the piece. “Never Surrender” is a serene piece that branches into a heavy progression yet still follows the same kind of rhythm.

The guitars are crunchy and distinct, with the acoustics having an amazing mix whether they be the central instrument or just providing texture behind the rest of the band; the bass heavy and commanding though somewhat buried; the drums are perhaps the most technical instrument on the record, how they phase in and out of different sections and grooves without any mistake is a sign of mastery. The dynamic of the vocals is interesting and serves to create a much larger soundscape within the songs.

There’s something to be said about how well the music incorporates elements of its origins into its construction and overall tone; while the songs themselves are not strictly jigs or reels - and do less to incorporate later examples of folk stylings - they do in fact incur the same themes and tones that its Celtic predecessors wrought. It deserves to be mentioned, at least in part, that the preservation and interest of Irish music and its ilk - in the modern world has been largely influenced by the written works of Francis O’Neill. “Victims Of The Underworld” is a marvel in its own right though much likely to eclectic to attract the likes of passers-by, however for anyone with any kind of interest in Celtic or Minstrel music and a penchant for loud and heavy they would probably find favor in MINOTAURUS.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Victims Of The Underworld
2. Immortality
3. Born From Roots
4. Witches Dancing
5. Thor I’m Asking You
6. Barker’s Revenge
7. Wrought Iron
8. Raven’s Fate
9. Demon Of The Forest (Bonus Track)
10. Hymn For The Nation
11. Never Surrender
Marcus Finger - Bass
Rouven Zumkeller - Drums
Jürgen Hermann - Guitars
Reiner Zumkeller - Guitars
Clarissa Hobeck - Vocals
Oliver Klump - Vocals
Record Label: Limb Music


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