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Miracle Master - Tattooed Woman Award winner

Miracle Master
Tattooed Woman
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 06 February 2014, 8:41 PM

For a long time I have been thinking to myself that the European Hard N’ Heavy scene has taken the American driven groove and made it their own, perfecting it sound mightier and stronger, leaving the American scene to dwell with its own self destructive intent that has been driving their Hard N’ Heavy into oblivion. Well, maybe that was a bit hard to claim, but undoubtedly, Europe gained the crowning achievement on creating molten steel and bulging chunks of Rock in a quality that North America would probably have a hard time to compete with. The German MIRACLE MASTER, at least for the time being, are a somewhat of an unknown name worldwide, a remainder of the early PUMP act, packing a dosage of talent, fronted by a masterful voice of Rock named Oliver Weers, a singer with quite a history behind him. These guys, as it would appear, have been driving their force and groove of the American vibe al’a VAN HALEN yet conferring with the supremacy of WHITESNAKE, JORN and a shot of the late THIN LIZZY. Scrubbing through their debut piece, with a Quentin Tarantino type artwork, “Tattooed Woman”, via GoldenCore Records / XYZ Music, I felt like listening at first to THE NEW BLACK and stint of the Teutonic Heavy Metal al’a ACCEPT / U.D.O. with a kind of Jorn Lande on vocals, however, rapidly I understood that it was far beyond, imagining me out there in the barren desert fields with a Colt Peacemaker drawn.

Not too much into details, just everything plain and simple on the table. MIRACLE MASTER aren’t the ones to remain hanging around, trying to figure out what they are doing with their music, conjuring from “Tattooed Woman”, their purpose is obvious, straight up, not leaving you with any second thought. This is a kind of songwriting that amplified my flavor for additional tunes that aren’t really there, making me waiting for the next album. “Tattooed Woman”, by and large, is a type of flow, a heave of energy mastered by the essence of true Rock, blazing with a modern production, keeping the flame a live with style. Catching fire really quick with groove bludgeoning guitaring consisting of down-to-earth and honest riffs of low end puncture of high quality caressing Blues every now and then without failing to summon up the right chunky squealing Hard Rockin’ solo at their command, and without letting the shuffle of guitars have it all, meat and potatoes rhythm section gruesomely tight. I am still in a kind of loss for words when it comes to Oliver Weers, when I first listened to his voice on the band’s teaser, I had the same reaction back when I heard Coverdale or Jorn singing, meaning just letting it sink in and then going for the boom. Such passion and depth can be argued as rare in the industry, yet the only thing that I can think of when heeding Weers’ voice is truthfulness, an artist in action, holding up this band’s music like the veteran that he is.

Fundamentally, there are docile transformations between the tracks, nearly the entire songs are riff based, or groove centered but with taste, heralding their buildup to the crashing punch of the memorable, some even nostalgic, choruses, which songs like the lively “Come Alive”, shooting range “Tattooed Woman”, 80’s crisp of “Will To Survive” and the Ozzy oriented riff flamer victorious of “Miracle Master” elaborated so well and so fiercely. Therefore, there is nothing left to talk about, anything else to add, either shoot your guns, ring in with Teutonia, or just skip town, hail the MIRACLE MASTER.     

4 Star Rating

1. Come Alive
2. Fly Away
3. Stay With Me
4. Forgive Yourself
5. Miracle Master
6. Will To Survive
7. Why Religion
8. Tattooed Woman
9. Highway To Heaven
10. Tear Down The Walls
11. We All Touch Evil
Oliver Weers – Vocals
Marcel 'Selly' Bernhardt – Guitars
Michael Vetter – Bass
Axel 'Aki' Reissmann – Guitars
Andreas Minich – Drums
Record Label: GoldenCore Records / XYZ Music


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