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Mirage - The Sequel Award winner

The Sequel
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 24 August 2022, 3:50 PM

It’s strange that people seem to think that the Denmark Metal scene is just MERCYFUL FATE, KING DIAMOND or ARTILLERY. Since the 80’s, those frozen lands gave birth to caustic bands as PRETTY MAIDS, KONKHRA, VOLBEAT, PYRAMAZE, IRON FIRE, BRATS, and many others. And one very good name of their melodic trench is from the quartet MIRAGE. And after 30 years since the release of the classic “…and the Earth Shall Crumble” (originally released in 1985 as an EP), here they are with “The Sequel”.

They’re into a Heavy Metal/Hard Rock trend similar to their countrymen PRETTY MAIDS, but with a full personality formed as shown by the songs. This album was composed in the 80’s, but due the dishonesty of some people, the label pocketed the money for the album and left the band alone, and they entered a hiatus. But they’re here, and their songs are full of life and energy, plenty of melodic hooks (it’s impossible to resist to their choruses) and it’s really easy to fall in love with this album. Is addictive as chocolate! The production of the album is modern and really fits on what the quartet’s music needs: all set in a classic way, with organic and simple instrumental tunes, but all in their due places and with the right effects. It is a blend between the best features of the past and present. Obviously, the album was recorded now, if one can pay attention.

MIRAGE is a cult band on European scene, so the fans surely will have what they expect from their music. “In the Days of Rama” is a song with a perfect mix between Heavy Metal and Hard Rock elements, with excellent keyboards parts (in a way similar to DEEP PURPLE), but with strong and catchy melodic guitar riffs. On “Guiding Light”, they bring a more accessible side of their music, plenty of Hard Rock hooks and excellent vocals. On “The Emperor”, they’re again creating a crushing song, but with melodies that are simple to hear and like (and pay attention to the heavy tons of weighty unleashed by bass guitar and drums). And don’t be deceived by the melodic and introspective beginning of “Far Away”, because soon it explodes in raw Hard Rock energy, sending excellent guitar riffs and keyboards parts to all the sides!

Using some rhythms that can catch the attention of all the fans, “Robot 9” is another massive Hard Rock onslaught, again with good vocals and chorus. “Flowers for Algernon” brings back the spinecrushing side of the quartet music, plenty with melodies that are accessible for non-Metal fans (and lovely arrangements on the guitars once more). Again mixing catchy melodies with 70’s Hard Rock musical hooks, “Haunted” is that kind of heavy song that can conquer anyone, even your grandmother (pay attention to the good and solid rhythm created by bass guitar and drums). Even heavy, “When Autumn Comes” shows amazing contrasts of ballad-like parts with a heavy and energetic chorus, a true refreshing moment of the album.

MIRAGE really has too much to offer, so let’s hope that “The Sequel” is just the first release of this new age of the band. And hope it can last as long as time itself!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. In the Days of Rama
2. Guiding Light
3. The Emperor
4. Far Away
5. Robot 9
6. Flowers for Algernon
7. Haunted
8. When Autumn Comes
Torben Deen - Vocals, Backing Vocals
Stine Annesen - Backing Vocals
Søren Ahm - Guitars, Keyboards, Bass
S. A. Sørensen - Drums
Record Label: From The Vaults


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