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Mirrored In Secrecy - Solution

Mirrored In Secrecy
by Dan Disorder at 16 October 2017, 1:01 PM

In my many years of being involved with heavy music, I have known many ‘one man armies’, so to speak; individuals that possess talent and drive, that manifest themselves into solo produced offerings of immense proportion; MIRRORED IN SECRECY are one such example of this. Hailing from Cologne Germany, MIRRORED IN SECRECY has previously released a total of four EPs and a full-length album when the band had other members from 2003 - 2013; but now we are presented with “Solution”, that is the sole accumulation of David Timsit’s talents.

With an atmosphere like the grand, heavy doors of a gothic cathedral slowly creaking open, the track “Bittersweet” coils to life with a sinister droning riff and a slow, but wandering, vocal melody, which has a touching grief in its delivery. I could almost visualize clawed hands of vapour wafting from my speakers and slowly embracing me. Then it grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and took on more life; “Last Resort” increases the throttle and builds to an outright blasting, Black Metal influence. The vocals take on a deep, chesty growl akin to a bezerkers battle cry; I’m loving how the doomy, gothic moods are maintained but the music has a broader capability.

Then in another boasting flex of sound, “Song of the Dead” consolidates the album further with a big, catchy groove; this track has a ‘stompiness’ to it while the vocals climb from aggressive growling moments, to a gliding chorus. MIRRORDE IN SECRECY continued to impress for the full musical journey of “Solution”, from the delicate acoustic delivery of “Ravenpath”, to the ambient and aggressive advance of “The Kill”, and the title track “Solution”. As a complete package, this album is an excellent representation; due to the doomish inspiration however, the production did lack just a touch of ‘crispness’ to it. They could have made the changes have a greater emphasis and increased its overall feel, but this criticism is a very minor one in comparison to what was achieved here. Mr Timsit, well done to you! When left to your own devices, you can clearly achieve. I look forward to hearing more; any Metalhead clearly needs to give this album the attention it deserves.

Song Writing- 8
Originality- 7
Memorability- 8
Production- 7

3 Star Rating

1. Bittersweet
2. Last Resort
3. Song of the Dead
4. Megrim
5. Autumn Breeze
6. Raven path
7. Solution
8. The Kill
9. The Great Divide
10. At the River
David Timsit - Instruments, Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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