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Mirzadeh - Desired Mystic Pride

Desired Mystic Pride
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 16 June 2014, 8:34 PM

MIRZADEH is Melodic Black / Gothic Metal from Alajärvi in Finland. The band was formed in 2000 and released demo „First Demon” in 2000, demo „Profetia” in 2002, demo „Sweet Souls of Shadows” in 2002 and album „Ancient Rites” in 2003, „The Creatures of Loviatar” in 2006 and fresh album „Desired Mythic Pride” in 2014 via Inverse Records.

My favourite track on album is perfect single track “Lost”, which is similar to DIMMU BORGIR where Symphonic keys meet nice riffs & mix of slower / head banging drums. And this scream… I love that! Great climate with catchy sounds and growl / scream. Climatic keys together with scream in “The Forger Of Celestial Sphere” make this song really interesting where heavy guitars are also with piano and even clear singing. Mystic atmosphere a ‘la DIMMU BORGIR with Symphonic Metal in “Aino” anxiety keys and even RAMMSTEIN echoes (their track “Spiel Mit Mir”). In “Myrkkymieli” you can find fast rate, gentle keys, progressively changing rhythm, higher epic climate of symphonic sound, and screaming in the Finnish language sound really nice.

In “Ukon Vakka” are hear able echoes of traditional Finnish folk music and stronger riffs in “Secrets” together with perfect keys and scream similarity to Dani (CRADLE OF FILTH) is fantastic! I like these frozen sounds. The guys connect folk music, melodic piano, scream with clean voice, calmer sounds with stronger in Dark Metal very well in “The Washed Yards”.

Titled track “Demented Visions Of Madness” has BATHORY similarities, climatic keyboards, scream which surrounds listener, and a very good way of connecting all of the styles heard in “Rise With Norther Witchcraft” where piano, scream, pulp of drums showing how they can mix Dark, Death, Black, Symphonic and even elements of Doom Metal in one song.

New album of MIRZADEH is highly reccomend for every Metalhead who wants to listen how a sound mix of Black Metal, Death Metal, Dark Metal, Gothic Metal with dosen of Melody and Power and intice fans of DIMMU BORGIR and CRADLE OF FILTH. The sound is on a high level with modern techniques of music. It is worth a listen, over 40 minutes of these Finnish Metallers!

4 Star Rating

1. Secrets
2. The Forger Of Celestial Sphere
3. Aino
4. Ukon Vakka
5. Rain Of Blood
6. The Washed Yards
7. Demented Visions Of Madness
8. Myrkkymieli
9. Lost
10. The Plains Of Time
11. Rise With Norther Witchcraft
Mirox – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Shagul - Lead Guitar
Fafner - Drums
Lues - Bass
Exitus - Keyboards
Record Label: Inverse Records


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Edited 06 February 2023

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