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Misanthrope - IrremeDIABLE (CD)

by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 06 May 2008, 1:05 AM

Even though some time ago I had no idea who MISANTHROPE were, I lately came across their name various times while talking to bands, reading magazines or browsing through the internet. Either the band has done a good promotional campaign to make themselves known or they are already known; either way I  had never the chance to hear their name. Some info I read regarding this album was interesting enough for me to make me want to be the one to review it.
Poor me… How should I know? How should I know that the French metallers had some really irritating - for me - ideas for their brand new full-length work? This is their ninth - if I am not mistaken - studio effort that is being released through the French label Holy Records This label also features bands like CHAOSTAR, ORPHANED LAND and YEARNING.
What I didn't know as I said above, was that this is their first attempt to create a concept album and I can tell you that - approximately - 70 minutes of melodic Progressive Death Metal can be quite a headache. Especially when you have to listen to a singer with decent brutal vocals and some at least funny clean ones. Since the concept is based on the life and works of the great poet Charles Baudelaire, a person who I adore for what he left behind, the singer thought that it would be nice idea to try and sound a bit like an actor in a tragic play when singing with his clean vocals…
Unfortunately, this guy didn't know that when you want to do something like that, you have to have the necessary amount of insanity burning in your brain. Do you think that singers from bands like ARCTURUS and generally this kind of theatrical acts just decided to sing like this and they did it? Whether you are an artist that is mentally deranged or you are just a singer. Anyway, one more thing that seemed a bit tiring to me was the structure of the songs. The changes were so frequent that they didn't give you any time to relax. I listened to the album many times in order to suck in its atmosphere as much as possible. To tell you the truth, it is not an easy album at all, but I don't think that it is the one that will surprise you every time you listen to it.
One more thing I didn't like was the sound of the drums, since they were too dry to me; on the other hand this is definitely the band's choice so I respect it. I really don't know if it is such a good album and I just failed to understand the message in it, but I think that it won't be the one that will make you spend some money. It is just an album that would be a must have if only the band had worked more on the project itself. I almost forgot the most important part; add the French language to all of the above and you may get the whole picture. Sorry, but I believe that French do not fit the Death Metal scene (don't be confused, I am talking about the language)…

2 Star Rating

Les Retourneurs De Pierres
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L'Infinie Violence Des Abimes
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Fantasia Artificielle
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S.A.S De L'Argiliere - Vocals
Anthony Scemama - Guitar, Keyboards
Jean-Jacques Moreac - Bass, Keyboards
Gael Feret - Drums
Record Label: Holy Records


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