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Misanthrope - Immortal (CD)

by Stathis Giannakopoulos at 15 February 2001, 8:10 PM

France's finest Metal force is here once again. This legendary extreme Metal band from France returns with Immortal, an album not so different from their previous releases.
This band plays a mixture of atmospheric (great keyboard parts) and extreme Metal. Some Power Metal elements can also be found. Among those elements the extreme Metal ones are more clear. On some songs they have made a great work. The atmospheric/symphonic parts along with the strange misanthropic vocals sound really great and make the album pretty intresting. On the other hand now some of the songs make you think that they are in the CD just to fill it and not for any other reason. I can say for sure that most of the songs are very good and despite the bad moments it's a very good album. If all the songs were at the same level we could talk about an awesome effort, no doubt. The production is just fine. It doesn't steal but also it doesn't add points to the whole album. The top moments of the CD are some really great guitar and keyboard parts. The vocals are great too. I can't say that they are brutal or clear or something. It's a strange mix. I just call them misanthropic. According to the musical part, it will be unfair if I don't mention that the drumming by Alexis Phelipot is very very good.
This album is a must for all the fans of the band. It's also a good option for those who like the mix of extreme Metal with atmosphere. As for the others, just try to listen to it first. Before I close this review, I have to mention that 70% of the lyrics are in English and the remaining 30% is in French. I wonder how this album would be if all the songs were at the same high standards…
P.S. The tracklist is written in a very difficult to read font so some mistakes on the titles are possible. I tried to find more info on the net but…

4 Star Rating

Eden Massacre
Emperors Of Nothingless
Androgyne Nights
The Soul Thrower
Exiled Existence
Verdun 1914
Millionaire Passion
Frantz Xavier Boscher - Guitar
S.A.S de l' Argiliere - Vocals
Jean Jacques - Bass
Alexis Phelipot - Drums
Jean Baptiste Boitel - Guitar & Synths
Record Label: Holy Records


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