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Misanthropic Arts - The Stream Of Terror

Misanthropic Arts
The Stream Of Terror
by Kostas Kiriakis at 13 May 2014, 10:43 AM

MISANTHROPIC ARTS is a one man's brain-child that has been around for quite some time (since 1999 to be extact). Sadist has been exploring the realms of a strange fusion of Black Metal with Ambient and Industrial, and “The Stream of Terror”, 9th full album of the Russian misanthropist, isn't lesser of its predecesors. At least in concept.

80 minutes of dark industrialized Black metal (with some clear influences from EMPEROR if you will), awaits the listener to be discovered. Sadist does an excellent work at performing throughout the album. Really love the way he lays furious riffs and licks, one after another, combined with his excellent voclas, creating a dark deprsessive, yet violent and ominous atmosphere throughout the album. The drums and bass are great, even if a bit murky, but still serve the purpose of the sonic foundation supporting the whole endeavor. The ambient – electronic – industrial elements are really great, really love the way this guy keeps it Black Metal and blends it with those elements, instead of going for a real fusion of styles.

Downsides? First goes mixing and production. While there are some great ideas, like the choral part in The Fall… and the acoustic parts in Thousand Scorched Days of Void and Red Threads of Hatred, the overall production doesn't do them justice. But the biggest thorn in the side in my opinion is the duration. Running a total of 80 minutes (55 and 25 minutes respectively) with similar aesthics and patterns kinda hurts the whole album, making you feel as if you just listened to the tune it just started playing. Dunno, maybe that was Sadist's intention in the first place.

Definetaly not mind-blowing, but still, “The Stream of Terror” will appeal to any self-respecting Black Metal fan out there. For one, I did.

Highlights: "Technocratic Slavery", "The Streams of Terror", "The Fall…"

3 Star Rating

Disc 1 - Chains
1. Sterile Desert's Incarnation
2. Buried Past (Annihilated Future)
3. Technocratic Slavery
4. The Streams of Terror
5. The Fall…
6. Thousand Scorched Days of Void
7. Spiritual Emigration
8. S.A.T.U.R.N.R.U.T.A.S.

Disc 2 - Threads
1. Yellow Threads of Alienation
2. Black Threads of Scorn
3. Red Threads of Hatred
4. Threads
Sadist – All Instruments, Vocals
Record Label: S.N.D. Production


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