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Misanthropy - Misanthropy

by Isha Shah at 14 January 2015, 1:25 PM

The UK’s new face of heavy riff driven Metallic Deathcore band, better known as MISANTHROPY, swarm their way into our ears early 2014, forming ever so recently the band have already blasted out a full length self titled record. By blending the most immense bone crunching sounds that send tingles down your spines, the band have broken down a whirl wind of sounds that cause pure destruction and havoc to all current surroundings.

By introducing the four-piece with a much contrasted sound of “Transcendent – partum |” the band slowly build up the generic introduction with a minute long track filled with high pitched guitar chords, before battering out into the next track, “Unbreakable”. Adding the already built tension, a sense of cleanness sweeps in with the vocals roared in a polished glimmer, it seems to be well hidden over the waves of noise crashing against it, in a blanket of bitters, the track progresses in vocal tone sharpening its edge to now compliment the rugged discourse.

With a close comparison to BLACK TONGUE, the quartet have adapted a similar sent, breaking though as another British hard hitter, MISANTHROPY take full control over their work and waste no time to leave a silent space in uproar.

Trying to break through with a new sound if done way too much with such a little success rate, and the band have somehow fallen into this trap to, with some tracks blending into another without any clear beginning and end it is hard to capture the individual movement. Starting out relatively strong, the album deeps to drop midway with filler tracks that overtake another, with no clear structure it produces chaos and confusion.

One tiny detailed found within this record is each within each “Transcendent” track, they collectively are just pure instrumental parts that separate the album up, I have found that by adding three of them evenly spaced out it gives the album more texture and stability for it to grow and sound unique, which is something missing for most existing records. Without these tracks the album would fall flat to be nonspecific in content.

There are strong elements within the record as it is clear the band do have a clear market in today’s audience with their solid heavy sound that is growing amongst the UK scene. MISANTHROPY have produced a spine chilling record that sits well with a Metal fans ears, highly deserving all phrase given to them.

3 Star Rating

1. Transcendent – partum |
2. Unbreakable
3. Age Of Broken Idols
4. Sinister
5. Phantom featuring JT Cavey
6. Transcendent Amina ||
7. Soul Season Featuring Bryan Long
8. Human Error Featuring Gaz King
9. Parasite
10. Transcendent – Mors |||
11. Slave Creator
12. Transcendent – Infernum |V
13. The Perfect Disease
Scott Rudd - Vocals
Andrew Wiseman - Guitar
Benjamin Jones - Bass
Szymon Ogiello - Drums
Record Label: We Are Triumphant Records


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