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Miscellany - Demo (CD)

by Michael Dalakos at 26 February 2006, 9:44 PM

I think I was expecting to listen to something different by checking this Demo's front cover. Maybe some Gothic or even some Doom / Death Metal. However what jumped out of my speakers had nothing to do with the aforementioned genres of music. Miscellany are trying hard to become Nightwish in the place of Nightwish. How close are they in achieving this?
The band formed in 2003 by Tobias Wall (guitarist), Henrik Christensson (keyboards) and Jenny Persson (vocals). Originally started playing cover songs only to start writing their own material in the same year (without a drummer and a bass guitarist). After the recording of the Demo they started searching for recruits finding them in the faces of Patrik Olsson (drums) and Magnus Hansson (bass). With this lineup they recorded the Demo I now hold in hand.
Well, Miscellany tried their best to convince me that their music is diverse and multi-layered (from their name up to their curriculum vitae) but the truth is that their style is quite focused in one direction. Symphonic Power Metal (ok, not so Power) with lots of keyboards and operatic vocals. Does this ring any bells?
Fans of Nightwish will definitely dig this Demo. Miscellany of course cannot be compared on a same level with the grand masters of the genre but I have to say that they manage to come clean and deliver some interesting material. The songs are a bit heavier than Nightwish and just for the flavor the band has added grunts to their music. The production is bold, able to support the sonic needs of the genre.
In conclusion, in this Demo the listener can realize that the band is definitely in the right path. I am pretty sure we will soon hear lots of news from this act. Check them out!

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Sorrow And Fear
Catch 22
My Solitude
Henrik Christensson - Keyboards
Patrik Olsson - Drums
Thobias Wall - Guitars
Jenny Persson - Vocals
Magnus Hansson - Bass
Record Label: Self Released


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