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Miscreation — MMXXI Award winner

by David Hough at 26 June 2022, 10:54 PM

“MMXXI” is the debut EP from the Canadian technical death metal machine, MISCREATION, was three years in the making. The band decided to create an eight-chapter, cohesive story. This EP features chapters six, two, and four. Their inventive approach to songwriting makes each song stand out, while still remaining true to the central narrative. This release was recorded, mixed, and mastered by CRYPTOPSY’s Christian Donaldson, and it shows.

One of the most important and exciting aspects of technical death metal is the band’s ability to surprise the listener. MISCREATION are able to do this within individual songs as well as from song to song. This EP has rapid and unexpected time changes within each track. Three of the band’s four members provide vocals, which expertly showcases their amazing vocal range.

The first track, “VI”, starts off with a fierce growl, warning the listener to hold on tight. This track is bombastic and frantic, however, there is also an underlying melody acting as a foundation for the technical brutality. Comparisons with the Swedish tech-death act, SOREPTION, are not unfounded. Each vocalist is given plenty of time to display just what their voices can do. There is even time for a satisfying guitar solo near the song’s end.

Track two, aptly named “II”, starts off right away, forgoing any semblance of an introduction. This track is bouncier than the first. It is also a bit more catchy if one can even consider technical death metal as catchy. One-third of the way in, the music morphs into a mid-tempo instrumental interlude, preparing the listener for the aural assault that is to come. Once the vocalists have had their tantrums, the track fades out with another instrumental interlude.

Track three, “IV”, ends the EP on a high note. The intro is similar to the first track, “VI”, an excellent nod to the cohesion of the narrative. Dissonant tones and frantic blast beats give way to mid-tempo riffing that sets in nicely. The vocal delivery is similar to early SLIPKNOT, as far as tempo and urgency go. The driving rhythm section encourages quite a lot of head banging throughout most of the song.

“MMXXI” does what every debut EP attempts to do, and makes the listener crave more from the band. With the sharp production by Christian Donaldson, MISCREATION puts their best foot forward, making any fan of technical death metal eager to hear the other five tracks in this story. I know I’ll be listening to that release in chronological order as well as the order MISCREATION decides to put the remaining tracks in.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. VI
2. II
3. IV
Jessy Leduc — Vocals
Jack Lascelles — Guitars & Vocals
Jacob Maisonneuve — Bass & Vocals
Avery Desmarais — Drums
Record Label: Unsigned, Independent Release


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