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Miseration - Tragedy Has Spoken

Tragedy Has Spoken
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 14 June 2012, 9:51 AM

Even though Metal has always been focusing on the negativities in life that we mostly tend to leave out behind or ignore in order to live a better, productive and optimistic, life, tragedy, along with its various of forms, is something that is sadly hard to escape in our daily routines. Whether it starts with personal failures, in all proportions, up to catastrophic communal disasters such as total human carnage by a freaking madman or natural disasters, it is the last thing that anyone would want taking a segment in his life. As you can see nature can’t always be blamed for an incoming crisis as most of the time it is us, the human kind who is responsible. The Death Metal outfit from Sweden, MISERATION, chose to capitalize and take note of the misery caused by full scale tragedies and write an album about it. I didn’t think that ten tracks of mayhem within “Tragedy Has Spoken”, released by Lifeforce Records, could really cover the variety of tragic occurrences and forms, but it had to be enough. With this dramatic album MISERATION came to strike and shock hard, both on the technical and emotional side. They did it quite nicely but I can’t say it is their uppermost endeavour to date.

Musically, MISERATION, lead by the veteran vocalist Christian Älvestam (SOLUTION 45., TORCHBEARER, ex-SCAR SYMMETRY),has been attempting to break the boundaries of the well known Swedish Gothenburg melodic Death Metal mainframe while crossing into the depth of technical Death Metal, along with its modern variations, and a little bit into Folk shindigs to colour their material with a diminutive shade of grey. The implementation of highly technical abilities to the music brought the intensity of genre into motion that infested the entire release with wide diversities like the ever changing straightforward riffages firing from all cylinders with no mercy to the ears of the listener coming in contact with the album. I think Oscar Nilsson (DESPITE / SAINT DEAMON) is one of the most maniacal drummers I heard in a while as he presented himself as quite of a control freak around the skins. Also I can’t pay no attention to Marcus "Skägget" Bertilsson (INEVITABLE END) & Jani Stefanovic (SOLUTION 45. / DIVINEFIRE) that created widespread disasters with their guitar and bass playing. The constant devastation of the riffing wellmaintained the Folk elements such as the Santur, Mandolin and Mongolian singing that were planted in the right places and felt really good while tampering with the challenging manner of the compositions. In overall, it all seemed good; this release contains amazing musicians, a well known but well written conceptual idea and crude music. However, I sensed that something lacked in this album in order for it to be a true highlight.

“Tragedy Has Spoken”, while being considered a melodic Death Metal album, sometimes seemed to me a little soulless. While charging with staggering technical rage that consisted of diverse blast beats, crazy guitar riffing and unrelenting rhythms, I had moments where the songs just swept through me and only emptiness remained. I couldn’t feel the drama that MISERATION were trying to channel with their creation. Songs like “Hill of the Poison Tree”, “White Light / Black Rain” and “Disaster Cage” were just there. Surely those were musically constructed in the highest of orders, yet they delivered no sentiment of their concept. On the other hand, “On Wings of Brimstone”, “Ghost Barrier”, “Children of the Flames” and “Waylayer” meant something more and it was like feeling the thoughts, regrets and dead hopes of the fallen. Those were musically more interesting, melodic and enhanced the dramatic nature of the story meant to be told plus swinging with amazing vocalic assortment that helped the message go through. I can understand that you can’t always hit the spot, but you can surly try more.

“Tragedy Has Spoken” by MISERATION was well produced, it shared quite an intensity of both music and lyrical message and it can’t be mistreated ignored by anyone that appreciates diverse extreme Metal music. It might not be their best of efforts but I believe it deserve your undivided attention.

3 Star Rating

1. Stepping Stone Agenda
2. Children of the Flames
3. Ghost Barrier
4. Ciniphes
5. Hill of the Poison Tree
6. Disaster Cage
7. On Wings of Brimstone
8. White Light / Black Rain
9. Tomb of Tephra
10. Waylayer 
Christian Älvestam- Vocals
Marcus "Skägget" Bertilsson– Guitar, Bass
Jani Stefanovic– Guitar, Bass
Oscar Nilsson- Drums
Record Label: Lifeforce Records


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