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Misery Kills - My Ugly Insides

Misery Kills
My Ugly Insides
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 11 January 2015, 8:15 AM

Well, when Ol’ Big Daddy here started to hear and search for something in terms of information about this band, and I saw the name of New York, my dear nephews and nieces, of course these maniacs couldn’t be from another city. Yes, MISERY KILLS (formerly known as MISERY) is the true and boldest NYHC, or speaking clearly, the most pure New York Hardcore, and “My Ugly Insides”, their new album, is like a war tank crossing the streets and firing at will to every wimp! It’s Hell on Earth or nothing to them!

The NYHC, for those who don’t know, is explosive, heavy, abrasive, dirty and violent, not so fast as its parents from England and Finland, so it gained a heavy and crushing way of being played, as you can see in bands like CRO-MAGS, MADBALL and BIOHAZARD, reeking to slums, pogo and mosh pit!

Their mix of harsh normal vocals, excellent guitar riffs and solos, heavy and thundering rhythmic kitchen with their bitter political insights can turn every show into a violent pit!

The production was done by Joey Z (who worked on LIFE OF AGONY and ZIRE’S WAR), and it’s abrasive and heavy, but with a very clear sound quality. You can hear all instruments with no problem at all, and it turns band’s musical work even more heavy and aggressive than it was suppose to be.

You may be asking what are the best songs of the album by now, aren’t you?

I must say: are you kidding me, my nephews and nieces?

This album is almost perfect, with eleven killing songs made for bleeding ears, destroying minds and start riot acts in the neighborhood!

After the intro “Eight Fortysix Thirty”, Hell comes to Earth from “Eyes Wide Open”, passes by the abrasive “13 Miles”, the chaotic “Last Chance”, the war march “Kills My Day”, the deafening “White Trash”, until the massacre ends on “My Ugly Insides” (which seems a lot like the same influences from them affects Thrash Metal bands from New York as ANTHRAX and OVERKILL).

An all-out-war NYHC album!

4 Star Rating

1. Eight Fortysix Thirty
2. Eyes Wide Open
3. Poltroon
4. 13 Miles
5. Last Chance
6. Drama Queen
7. Kills My Day
8. Sick Around You
9. White Trash
10. Give ‘em Hell
11. My Ugly Insides
John - Vocals
Corey Schaefer - Guitars
Duane Conlon - Guitars
Joe LoCasto - Bass
Scott Borrero - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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