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Misery Index - Traitors (CD)

Misery Index
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 07 October 2008, 11:25 PM

At last! Some decent brutal music for my poor tortured ears! I thought I was doomed to listen to shitty releases for the rest of my life! MISERY INDEX appeased me with their brand new album Traitors showing me that there are bands in Relapse that can still maintain their sound. So, it all started in the year 2001…

During that time, Netherton, Voyles and Kevin Talley left DYING FETUS and formed the Deathcore mass murdering vehicle known as MISERY INDEX. The band managed to make its name known from its first day of existence and has offered some more than great albums to the extreme Metal scene. With a dozen of releases already out there, MISERY INDEX are here for one more time showing that they can still kick ass with ease. For those about to Grind, we salute you!

I remember how I felt when I first came in touch with this band's music. The song Pulling Out The Nails from their debut EP is still a part of my daily playlist. The fact is that Relapse has started making its bands more modern and I was afraid something like this would happen to MISERY INDEX, too. Thank god, these guys are still fierce beasts and there is probably nothing that can soften them.

Traitors is a heavy as fuck album with everything a MISERY INDEX and a Grind/Death/Deathcore fan in general may ask. From the catchy and groovy Death/Hardcore opening intro to the 100% MORBID ANGEL influenced Thrown Into The Sun, the band knows how to deliver some pure brutality enriched with some distinctive modern touches. After all, that's why we love MISERY INDEX in the first place!

Traitors is an album that whether you will buy or you will just die trying to run away from it. Fierce brutality, extreme violence and sickness are only a few of the elements that make this album a kick ass release. Definitely the best album I have heard the last few months.

4 Star Rating

We Never Come In Peace
Partisans Of Grief
Ghosts Of Catalonia
Ruling Class Cancelled
The Arbiter
American Idolatry
Thrown Into The Sun
Black Sites
Jason Netherton - Vocals, Bass
Sparky Voyles - Guitar
Mark Kloeppel - Guitar, Vocals
Adam Jarvis - Drums
Record Label: Relapse Records


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