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Misfits - Cuts From The Crypt (CD)

Cuts From The Crypt
by David Kaluza at 25 January 2002, 1:37 PM

Yay, everybody rejoice - the Misfits managed to cram out another album after the rather good Famous Monsters released in 1999. Okay, not really, as this is more or less a collection of hard-to-find, and not-quite-so-hard-to-find rare recordings done in-between 1996 and 2001. (And by the way, an album done to get out of the Roadrunner Label - as well as an epitaph to the 1996-2001 line-up which has sadly split up).
So what do we have on here. The infamous Mars Attacks demos (6 songs), sadly minus the instrumental Talons Of Steel, 2  covers (one being Black Flag's Rise Above, the other Iggy Pop's I Got A Right - both of which are quite enjoyable, I might add), and 9 previously unreleased tracks and / or rare takes, from which the demo version of Scream, I Wanna Be A NY Ranger and the alternate take of Helena (daftly enough titled Helena 2) are rather pointless. The Mars Attacks demos are rather enjoyable, even though 5 out of 6 songs appear in almost identical form on the American Psycho album. What really did it for me though, are the Fiend Without A Face, Devil Doll, Bruiser and No More Moments (even though this last one basically stole Sabbath's Symptom Of The Universe riff) tracks, which can easily keep up with the high standard of anything done on American psycho and famous monsters.  
Another point of interest is the booklet, which, apart from the nice artwork, has liner notes to most of the songs by Jerry Only and a little bit of the history from the band during the period of these recordings, but is sadly missing the lyrics to the songs. (which is a thing i hate). Oh yeah, before I forget, the enhanced CD also has the video for Scream on it, although I felt they could've easily included the ones they did for American Psycho, Dig Up Her Bones and The Monster Mash as well, just to be complete.
In the end, this is a cool collection of songs, and a must-have if you're a Misfits fan (which I am, as it happens to be), and hell, if you have never heard or listened to the Misfits, you could do worse than check this one out (you could also do better though, and get their 1997 killer come-back album American Psycho).
I'll give this one an 8.

4 Star Rating

Dead Kings Rise (demo version)
Blacklight (demo version)
The Haunting (demo version)
The Hunger (demo version)
Mars Attacks (demo version)
Dr. Phibes Rises Again (demo version)
I Got A Right
Monster Mash
I Wanna Be A NY Ranger
Scream (demo version)
1.000.000 Years B.C.
Helena 2
Devil Doll
Fiend Without A Face
No More Moments
Rise Above (live)
Jerry Only - bass / vocals
Doyle Wolfang Von Frankenstein - guitars
Michale Graves - vocals
Dr. Chud - drums
John Cafiero - vocals (vocals on track 9)
Dez Cadena - guitars / vocals (guitar/vocals on track 17)
Robo - drums (drums on track 17)
Record Label: Roadrunner Records


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