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Misotheist - For the Glory of your Redeemer

For the Glory of your Redeemer
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 20 February 2021, 7:47 AM

As everyone know, Black Metal wasn’t born in Norway, but the country gave a great contribution to create the format for the genre that exists today (but don’t forget that Sweden, Greece, UK and other countries did so as well). And in the Norwegian lands still hold many secrets on its underground scene, some linked to Black metal, others not. And on “For the Glory of your Redeemer”, the second album of Trondheim’s home based band MISOTHEIST, the morbid essence of Black Metal pulses strongly.

Although the band uses an Old School Black Metal format, its music bears some experimental an unusual elements and contrasts (as some Jazz influenced moments heard on “Acts of the Flesh”, and the low tunes of the vocals similar to those ones from Greek School of the genre during the early years of the 90’s). It’s not easy to classify their music, but’s easy to like it if the listener is a Black Metal fan. It’s morbid, aggressive and filthy, with an impacting energy, but with some experimental tunes that aren’t simple to understand some times (what doesn’t mean that’s not good).

The sound production was done in a way to preserve some Old School aspects (as the organic and simple set of instrumental tunes used by the band), but in a way that’s not so difficult to understand what is being played (even during the fast hellish whirlwind fast parts). It’s good, but their music deserves a better worked production. The release has three very good songs: the long and experimental “Acts of the Flesh” (with some contrasts that are unusual, and some very good technical parts from bass guitar and drums), “Benefactor of Wounds” (with some very good guitar riffs and the shift between fast parts with slower moments shows a talented band), and “Rope and Hammer” (that has the same elements from the previous ones). Once more: if the reader is a Black Metal fan, there’ll be no difficulties to like their music.

On the three songs of “For the Glory of your Redeemer”, MISOTHEIST shows to be a very good band in the genre. So let’s hope that they can work things in an even better way in the future (because evolution will shape them in a great name, if they can deal with their cards in the right way).

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Acts of the Flesh
2. Benefactor of Wounds
3. Rope and Hammer
B. Kråbøl - Vocals
Record Label: Terratur Possessions


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