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Miss Lava - Doom Machine

Miss Lava
Doom Machine
by John Foley at 20 February 2021, 10:18 AM

Here we have MISS LAVA coming all the way from Lisbon in Portugal. Their long-awaited new album is titled "Doom Machine" and was written and put together during lockdown during this world wide pandemic and was eventually released back in January 2021. This one is filled all that psychedelic and stoner rock goodness that you have come to love.

Opening the album we have “Fourth Dimension” and right from the start we get some very QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE vibes going on here. But on this song we get some dirty sounding guitar riffs and a sing along chorus. The vocals here really work well with the bands sound. Next up we get “In The Mire”. This one has a bit of a sinister feel to it. But this track sounds like it will be a real crowd goer to get people moving, especially with the big sounding chorus that this one has. But the song doesn’t necessarily end there.

The following track, “Magma”, is a continuation from the previous track but is more of a band jamming the the musical idea of what that song was. It is very fun to listen to. “Brotherhood of Eternal Love” is a song that comes up and it has a very trippy feel to it. The bass and drums on this one work really well together. The song then breaks into some very dirty rocking riffs that really add more flavour to the track.

“Sleepy Warm” is a very fun and up tempo type of song. It has a very cool sounding chorus which is really driven by the vocals here. If you listen too you can here some very nice bass lines present on this track as well. “The Fall” is a really rocking track but is also a little laid back at the same time. With this one we get a big sounding chorus section. The middle section here really brings you on a journey as the outro start to strip the song down. This is a really good song.

The track “Alpha” acts as an intro track to what is going to come next. It is just a guitar by itself with a clean melody with some bluesy feels to it. Then it leads into the song “The Oracle”. This song has a really nice groove to it and it is a bit of a head banger. It has a very stripped down middle section that really fits and leads into a great guitar solo which I had been waiting to hear.

The album closes with the title track “Doom Machine” and with this one the band are going to show you what they are all about. This one has a very catchy guitar riff with the drums and bass really helping to drive it home. The vocals here work really well and it has a middle section with strong BLACK SABBATH vibes to it. This track really shows all of the bands talents.

Doom Machine is an album full of dirty sounding rock tunes with a few elements from bands like QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE and BLACK SABBATH at times too. The vocals work really well with the bands sound as the album has this desert road trip vibe to it. This album has a lot of fun vibes to it but also some dark vibes to it at the same time and I loved the parts where it just sounds like a band jamming out.

Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 7
Musicianship: 8
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Fourth Dimension
2. In The Mire
3. Magma
4. Brotherhood of Eternal Love
5. Sleepy Warm
6. The Great Divide
7. Karma
8. The Fall
9. Alpha
10. The Oracle
11. Terra
12. Doom Machine
13. God Feeds the Swine (Bonus Track)
14. Feel Surreal (Bonus Track)
15. Red Atlantis (Bonus Track)
Johnny Lee – Vocals
K. Raffah – Guitar
J. Garcia – Drums
Ricardo Ferreira – Bass and Vocals
Record Label: Small Stone Records


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Edited 04 February 2023

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