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Miss May I — Curse of Existence

Miss May I
Curse of Existence
by Shea Higgerson at 19 November 2022, 3:58 PM

MISS MAY I deliver an absolutely crushing metalcore performance with their seventh studio album “Curse of Existence.” This band has been around since 2007 and continues to be a mainstay in the metalcore scene. This year they embarked on a headlining tour supporting this new album, as well as a tour opening for ALL THAT REMAINS. Despite their lengthy time in the music world, they’re not often mentioned among the metalcore greats, but they should be. These guys are in league with giants such as PARKWAY DRIVE, AUGUST BURNS RED, and AS I LAY DYING. This album undoubtedly proves that.

A Smile That Does Not Exist” is the first song on the album and also my personal favorite, because it starts things off unapologetically heavy and downright pulverizes the eardrums. This is the proper way to begin an album. I really love the dichotomy of Levi Benton’s unclean vocals and Ryan Neff’s clean vocals. They complement each other very well. I think this song has such a catchy chorus and I love the line “It’s always in your head, but it’s only in your head.” It’s such a brilliant lyric. This album has a lot of lyrics that are really hard-hitting.

This album has a lot of the usual metalcore themes or destruction and darkness. “Born Destroyers” is an example with lyrics including “Kill, kill everything” and “God has yet to show itself, the devil has already won.” But they are masterful at pairing these dark themes with catchy choruses, in addition to incredible musicianship.

Another really incredible song on the album is “Unconquered” with another earworm worthy chorus, sick riffs, and punishing drums. The song has those dark themes, but leans more toward a positive side with lyrics like “This life is mine for the taking, so bring on the pain.” I love that. The chorus is “Maybe I’m the only one who can save me from the monster I’ve become.”  This album really is very well written from the music to the lyrics.

The final song “Bloodshed” ends the album just as punishingly as it began and never once does the band let up on the heaviness. This is a socially and politically powerful song where the band is aware that “division grows stronger with every headline.” I think a lot of listeners could find truth in the words here. MISS MAY I put out a great metalcore album with this one.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. A Smile That Does Not Exist
2. Earth Shaker
3. Bleed Together
4. Into Oblivion
5. Hollow Vessel
6. Free Fall
7. Born Destroyers
8. Unconquered
9. Savior of Self
10. Bloodshed
Levi Benton - Unclean vocals
B.J. Stead - Lead guitar
Justin Aufdemkampe - Rhythm guitar
Jerod Boyd - Drums
Ryan Neff - Bass, cle voancals
Record Label: Sharptone Records


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Edited 01 April 2023

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