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Miss May I - Deathless Award winner

Miss May I
by Chelsea Jennings at 01 September 2015, 1:54 PM

MISS MAY I are a Metalcore band from Troy, Ohio who released their latest album "Deathless" was released on August 7th, 2015 through Rise Records. MISS MAY I have seen each album they release raise them to some more prominence, and "Deathless" appears to be no exception going forward in the second half of 2015.

MISS MAY I's latest album "Deathless" is another amazing slab of Metalcore, complete with heavy skull-crushing drumbeats, and fast-paced guitar riffs. Complete with Benton's growling, groveling, screaming vocal acrobatics push the latest MISS MAY I release to the next level. The entire band come together to really make the entire album rise to the next level.

"I.H.E." talks about how he wants to get out of this spot he is stuck in in his life, but how he cannot move or get out of here while he is already buried underground. He hates everyone and everything in the world that is burying him alive. "Trust My Heart (Never Hope To Die)" talks about always trusting his heart to lead him to the right place, and hoping that it never fails him because he does not want to die, He follows an empty road with no real direction to follow, but he has to go with his heart. He has to do what he feels is right just going on what he feels within his own heart. "Psychotic Romantic" is a track about how he is constantly convinced that he is not enough, but this woman that he loves continues to tell him that he is perfect for her. It's something that is helping him feel like he eventually might be enough for someone. It makes him feel like he can win the struggle against his own feelings, and that he might be enough for someone in this lifetime.

Title track "Deathless" is about how this person fucking gave everything he had and it still wasn't enough. He is not in a place he should never be and there is no way for him to escape at hte point things have gotten to right now. He wants to come back to the surface of this situation so that he can feel at ease, but it seems that people simply have forgotten the sacrifices that he has made, and will not help him get back to where his dreams have him going. He refuses to die, but demands that he will get back to living his dreams no matter what it takes, no matter who looks to put him down! It's a powerful anthem of someone who is going to do what they have to do to get ahead in life, and what he must to keep his dreams alive. It's inspiring to anyone who feels put down in life, and who wants to chase their dreams, which is virtually everyone at some point in their lives!

"Bastard Left Behind" is about the members of MISS MAY I being left behind because no one saw a use for them in what their dreams were in their lives. The band have banded together, and sound their own success despite the fact that other people didn't want them in their group or in their dreams. They don't need those people, they have each other to make their dreams come true. "The Artificial" people who end up running their mouths and making themselves look more foolish with everything they say because they have no clue what they really speak of. These people are all take, and they are artificial. They make themselves look like fools for the entire to world to see. "Born From Nothing" mentions how this person is running away but its not from the past but the person he is afraid he might become. He has to keep running faster and faster to ensure he never becomes this person he has such nightmares of becoming.

The latest release from MISS MAY I deals with plenty of dark, heavy topics typical of Deathcore such as past regrets, empty promises, fake people, and more. It shows how people can really change who someone is, or make them someone they otherwise are not. The tracks are kept short within the 3-4 minute range, and are heavy, hard-hitting, and never compromised in nature as is common of Deathcore. Benton's impassioned vocals make the release even more powerful to speak to someone who is broken, hurt, and lost inside through the music. MISS MAY I have definitely given "Deathless" a life of its own, and have put out what may be one of the best Metalcore releases of 2015 to date, and will see their careers go far as there are undoubtedly many more releases to come into the future from a band that is really just getting started on what it intends to accomplish in the future.

5 Star Rating

1. I.H.E.
2. Trust My Heart (Never Hope To Die)
3. Psychotic Romantic
4. Deathless
5. Bastard Left Behind
6. Arise
7. Turn Back The Time
8. Empty Promises
9. The Artificial
10. Born From Nothing
Levi Benton - Vocals & Lyrics
Justin Aufdemkampe - Guitars
BJ Stead - Guitars
Ryan Neff - Bass & Vocals
Jerod Boyd - Drums 
Record Label: Rise Records


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