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Misteltein - Rape In Rapture (CD)

Rape In Rapture
by Stathis Giannakopoulos at 01 January 2001, 1:05 AM

I really have not many things to say on this review. Misteltein is a new Black Metal band from Sweden, the home country of the Black Metal legends Bathory. In order to get an idea of their music bring two bands in your mind. Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir. Ok? Great! Imagine a band that mixes the black/thrasy sound of Cradle of Filth with the epic feeling and the great keyboard parts of Dimmu Borgir. In a few words, melodic, fast, epic, catchy metal. The vocals are again a mix between these two bands and I dare to say that the singer sometimes tries to immitate the way that Dani Filth sings. Especially when he screams. Sometimes he even sings in a gothic way like Dani.

Among those outside elements Misteltein seem to me that they try to make something of their own but then something happens and you say Hell, that reminds me a part from Cradle Of Filth. I think that the fans of Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir will enjoy the album but on the other hand I can really praise an album that sounds so much like other bands. For a debute album is really promising and if they manage to put their own mark more clearly on their sound they will achieve many things!

If you like that kind of Black Metal then Misteltein with Rape In Rapture won't let you down.
May the darkness scar your souls!
P.S. Take a look to the line up. Hell, this is the proof that they are heavily inspired by Cradle of Filth… After I saw the line up names, I thought to cut half a point from the rate… but then I said ok… leave it as it is… Try to be original guys or you will always be under the shadow of uncle Dani.

3 Star Rating

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Record Label: No Fashion


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