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Mister Misery - A Brighter Side of Death

Mister Misery
A Brighter Side of Death
by Craig Rider at 10 June 2021, 3:03 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: MISTER MISERY; signed via Arising Empire Records, hailing from Swedish grounds - performing Alternative Indie Rock/Horror Metal, on their sophomore album entitled: "A Brighter Side Of Death" (released 23rd of April, 2021).

Since formation in 2018; the quartet in question have 2 albums in their discography so far: "Unalive" (released October 4th, 2019), and this here 2nd album entitled: "A Brighter Side Of Death". 13 tracks ranging around 53:44; MISTER MISERY arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Alternative Rock/Indie/Horror Metal amalgamations.Opening up with a haunting but daunting hymn; an implosive calamity in amplified adrenaline, boisterously bouncy kicks and ghostly apparitions that lacerate with skyrocketing virtuosity within the somewhat operatic "Ballad Of The Headless Horseman". Catchy harmonies revel with outrè panache; where rampantly rompy grooves gravitate towards this barrage frenzy on sonically seamless rhythms that trailblaze with progressively technical melodies which quintessentially slay with steamrolling èclat, as dynamically euphonic bombast belts crunchy but bruising blast beats while uniquely versatile vehemence on striking performances rivet with strong remedies of punchy significance which merge with meticulous varieties too.

Consisting of Harley Vendetta on vocals/guitars; the front man excels at a enriching attribute in high-pitched but drony pipes of throaty yells that shout with mellifluous manifestations, sometimes raspy yet mostly upbeat while systematically transforming with a diverse but emotive cord while synergetic performances on rapidly swift nimbleness relishes with vibrantly potent outbursts that showcases dexterously fluid distortion and concretely gritty flamboyance. "Buried" contrasts with more sturdy thuds which intersperses ghastly heft while ramified with this solid momentum on organic substance, razor-sharp pandemonium & weighty tightness which zestfully fabricates immersively inventive instrumentals in vivacious stability. Arming a brimming dose on some rip-roaring shreds, this thunderous maelstrom on majestic but eerie firepower expertise elements a borderline foundation on volatile thrills, strident mobilities & sulfurous yet hybrid grinds experiment with rollicking persistence - especially in "Mister Hyde".

Exhilarating energy unearths spellbinding rituals on hypnotic chisels, distilling frantic but epic alt aesthetics while light-hearted indie rock relentlessly forges a diligently detailed impact which provides with intriguing chugs immensely…evolving with towering synthesis on symphonic tonality where twinning guitars from Harley & Alex Nine unravel with mountainous gallops in frolicking but motoring metal that orchestrates with conceptual injections while salubriously venomous pursuits piledrive infectiously in adroit combustion from audible bassist Alistar and from the rambunctiously stompy drummer Rizzy who hammers his set with steely precision & slamming proficiencies that will rattle heads in no time.

"Devil In Me" & "I'll Never Be Yours" create battering agility, intertwining choppy chunkiness and intriguing characteristics brilliant craft a fancy but banging symbiosis on meaty yet radically wicked distinguishment in distinctive triggers that tempestuously nails it with prodigiously prestigious choruses and anthemic sleaze - morphing traditional old school rock with mighty but extreme aggression to the mix that maximizes their musical traits with full force snappiness. Then I advance to "Under The Moonlight" which examines enthusiastic strong points that surge with monolithic tempos, sublime singing more with an arbitrary crescendo on pummeling yet sophisticated songwriting mobility that resonates with mountainous yet profusely robust finesse and flexibly fundamental hooks grip a fascinating portrayal on wondrous musicianship which will transfix you with their passionate verve in exuberant buoyancy.

"In Forever (We All Fall Down)" captures electrifying rigor; while tuneful craziness in complexly constructive boundaries invent adventurous but ambitious zeal, where talented potential revolves with a dark synth until thrashy rifts swerve with bursting appeal. "Clown Prince Of Hell'' is probably the most memorable song, with its full-on throttling of no clean circus-esque calliope that sweeps with clobbering but crisp flare and brisk haste conjures a type of vampiric but gothic party of hell – focusing in disorienting chaos as demented but skillful virtuosity fuels an intriguing impulse on thrust & strife.

"We Don't Belong" introduces this standout offering on twin dueling lead guitars, augmenting a frantic but chunky blend on punky mash-ups that supplies mystifying mayhem while fueling an atmospheric illusion of gnarly grandeur in indie alt rock spookiness while converging havoc & engaging yet methodical musicalities with originally tenacious systematics to boot. "Home" articulates in moniker patterns that opens with a flowing, electronic beat while modern rock sounds and a ballady halftime verse provides quirky prerequisites with virulent but dancy mechanics that sway with sonorous yet enticing effect - while the more speed driven crushes in "Through Hell" gallops with pulsating smacks on flickering bass heft which stampedes with rampaging riffs while smashing through speakers with piercing agility in which gets heads rolling with weighty potency before closing with the opening track which is an interesting bonus but orchestral version for good measure.

Bottom line; I am compelled to say that while MISTER MISERY most certainly delivered a motivating recording process, they overall concluded in an enjoyably entertaining experience that most surely deserves discovering. A unique supply of diligently detailed instrumental masterclass which unravels salubriously melodious expertise for all to marvel at with the radio-friendly but blazing conundrums that they brilliantly execute with. Worthy of spinning a few handful of times, while re-playable in every way with its multiple magnitude of vivacious varieties yet. Check it out!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Ballad Of The Headless Horseman
2. Buried
3. Mister Hyde
4. Burn
5. Devil In Me
6. I'll Never Be Yours
7. Under The Moonlight
8. In Forever (We All Fall Down)
9. Clown Prince Of Hell
10. We Don't Belong
11. Home
12. Through Hell
13. Ballad Of The Headless Horseman (Bonus Track - Orchestral Version)
Harley Vendetta - Vocals/Guitar
Alex Nine - Guitar
Alister - Bass
Rizzy - Drums
Record Label: Arising Empire Records


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Edited 09 February 2023

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