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Mistress - II: The Chronovisor (CD)

II: The Chronovisor
by Grigoris Chronis at 16 October 2005, 9:12 PM

(Lent by the Mistress review): An album review, in general, doesn't necessarily scope to lead the reader's mind to a specific selection. Overall - as I see - the critical factor is to give sufficient info on an album release so as to provide a series of 'concerns'. Still, for styles/sounds irrelevant to the main 'stand' of a magazine/webzine a 'bad' rating doesn't automatically mean that the specific effort is for the trashcan, but - sometimes, due to awareness and/or disbelief - it's completely (in a way) off-topic for a Hard Rock & Heavy Metal magazine.
In this album, Mistress push their limits to even more extended horizons, to the undiscovered 'field' of Punk/HC/Noise/Grind and the game is completely out of order. Like old Napalm Death, my ass… ND had balls and sick attitude, not unrecognizable music…
(Lent by the Mistress review): Rating is based (again) on the fact(s) mentioned above.

1 Star Rating

Psychic One Inch Punch
Wanker Colony
The Chronovisor
Hit Bottom
No Memory
Piss For Blood Shit For Brains
In The Shadow Of The Horns (Bonus)
Like Broken Glass (Bonus)
Drunken - Kicking The Lamps Of Christ In The Head
Dirty Von Arse - Brutalized Barbarian Earthquake
Misery - Moaning
Dave Cunt - Is Probably Manic Depressive
Migg Keney - Total Desecrator Of Hectors Armour (And Cymbals)
Record Label: Earache Records


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