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Mistress Of The Dead - White Roses, White Coffin (CD)

Mistress Of The Dead
White Roses, White Coffin
by Yiannis Doukas at 06 July 2009, 11:37 AM

Unholy shit!!! One of the most difficult and boring albums I have ever heard. Four songs in an album of 76-minute length blessed with a complete lack of ideas. All these by MISTRESS OF THE DEAD, which comes from Czech and are an one-man band with White Roses, White Coffin being their fourth album.
The music here is funeral Doom but the total absence of a basic inspiration or barely a feeling that could create a spark of art makes the whole album very difficult to be listened. The probability of the listener's leading to the verdurous field of sleep during its length reaches 100%, thus it is highly recommended if you have any stress problems that make you hard to rest at night.
The whole style may remind of some destroyed romantics or junkie French poets but, although they had become oppressors of the art muse, they at least had something valuable to say. Here, in this album, MISTRESS OF THE DEAD fail because they pull so much the rope that in the end they break it. Everything needs a gauge, even the gauge itself, but the way handling it and comprehending it is not accomplishable every time. And the fulsomeness can not always hide nothingness.

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