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Misty Morning - Ga.Ga.R.In

Misty Morning
by Misty Morning - Ga.Ga.R.In at 04 February 2015, 12:34 AM

Sit back and relax.. You're been taking part in Galactic Gateways for Reborn Intellects ( "GA.GA.R.IN"). So meet your guides, MISTY MORNING - the Italian quartet from Teramo, active since 1995 (on scene since 2007, when drummer joined the band). In 2008 they released an EP "Martian Pope" and single - "Saint Shroom". Both record received positive opinions from the community.

Let's take a closer look into the album cover. Well, it will be better if the band explains it for you.

”Peacock pine and space whales are our emblem. Since  Yuri Gagarin left the atmosphere, the first man out in space, he became the universal symbol for the unlimited power of human will. Siberian pine was his code name and pinecones have  always been emblematic for spiritual awakening and human enlightenment:  the pineal  gland,  the  third  eye  which  opens  the  gate  of  consciousness.  Alchemically,  cauda  pavonis,  the peacock  tail,  is  the  last  step  towards  the  Great  Work.  Two  animals  watch  over  this  journey:  antithetical whales, floating into the unknown and leading to rebirth. Flames of knowledge shine upon them. Here is the logo of GA.GA.R.IN. mission: human will aiming for  enlightenment, the last step before the big leap to inner truth”

I quote, simply because I had no idea how to explain the idea of this album better. As you see, MISTY MORNING aimed high.

Can we recognise this album as a tool for reaching higher realms of consciousness? I have to admit, it caught me. You take solid Stoner, then drench it with Progressive sauce, with astro-seasoning and keyboard. Bon apettit. What characterizes MISTY MORNING from other bands, is originality. The foreground is Stoner but in some parts there are wisely pasted keyboards, which reminds us, what we are listening too. They're not common, these are just palpable, but characteristic. The whole atmosphere is built by these small relishes. The band’s style is hard knocking, but subdued. Instruments fulfill each other, making the album sound complex.

Overal it is far from trivial, and a mature, solid and enjoyable peace of work. Surely its something interesting. Maybe not revealing but still it's top tier work. I'll classify them as a really nice curio. Stoner is not very rich with variety, but they brought some refreshment. If you're familiar with this type of music, check MISTY MORNING out.

4 Star Rating

1. Forward
2. Ga.Ga.R.In.
3. Silicon Sea
4. Mourn O' Whales
5. A New Cosmology
6. Black Monk Lives
7. Doomzilla
8. Baltimore, 1849
9. Ballo in Fa # Min
10. Sonnet
11. ドゥームジラ - Doomzilla (Japanese Version)
12. GA.GA.R.IN. (Italian Version)
Luke Moretti – Guitars, Vocals
 MaxBax – Bass, Backing Vocals
 Frankie Insulina – Drums
 Rejetto – Electronics, Tambourine
Record Label: Independent


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