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Mithridatic - Miserable Miracle

Miserable Miracle
by Josh Cummins at 26 April 2016, 5:40 PM

Black metal is not my forte. For the most part, I do not enjoy it, and while I respect the artistry behind it, it is just not my cup of tea. However, every now and then, a new group or new album comes around that challenges the status quo of what black metal is supposed to be. A fusion of black metal and old school death metal, “Miserable Miracle” from the French metal group MITHRIDATIC is the bastard love child of CANIBAL CORPSE and DIMMU BORGIR.

Death metal melodies with black metal undertones, the albums intro, “The Supply…” comes on a bit strong with what I like to refer to as the “stereotypical” black metal screeching vocals. Undecipherable at best, and nails on a chalkboard at worst, the song quickly evolves into something more akin with early 90’s death metal, with the occasional guest black metal vocal making an appearance.

“…The Terror and the crowd” has a much faster tempo, with more black metal screeching at its intro before evolving into a more rounded death metal tune. The title track, “Miserable Miracle” is an assault on the senses. The tempo changes several times throughout the song keeping the listeners attention. “I Will Harm” has a more melodic intro riff over a lighting fast drum fill and a scream that seems to last an eternity. “Funambule Penitant” has an almost old-school SLIPKNOT vibe to it. “Hell Compasses Points”  follows the script set forth in the other songs on this album, nothing that breaks the mold. “Oxidized Trigger Sabotage” has a much slower tempo than the other songs on this album, but still manages to stick to the same formula as much of the rest of the album. “Dispense the Adulterated” has what sounds almost like a Gregorian chant going on which works with the style. The albums final song, “Vitrified Desert” almost sounds like a DETHKLOK tune, with less chunky power chords and more running of scales, before devolving into what almost seems like an algorithm for this group at this point.

Ultimately, this album is just OK. It starts out as being very enjoyable, but devolves as you listen to it into something that is overly repetitive. Just when you begin to think a song is going to break the mold of the rest of the album it all falls back into the same formula followed by the rest of the songs.  There is nothing wrong with the music. But if I wanted to hear the same song 9 times, I would just click on repeat.

3 Star Rating

1. The Supply…
2. …The Terror and the Crowd
3. Miserable Miracle
4. I Will Harm
5. Funambule Pénitent
6. Hell Compasses Points
7. Oxidized Trigger Sabotage
8. Dispense the Adulterated
9. Vitrified Desert
Guitou - Vocals
Alexandre Brosse - Guitars
Romain Sanchez - Guitars
Remolow - Bass
Kevin Paradis - Drums
Record Label: Kaotoxin Records


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