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Mitsein – Scars Award winner

by Jojo "Rocket Queen" Hamilton at 05 April 2020, 5:18 PM

MITSEIN are a female fronted band with Cristienne Graciano on vocals. She has a crisp clean voice that is reminisent of Amy Lee from EVENESENCE. She has a high vocal tone that carries itself well over the instrumentals behind it. The band came together around 2016 between vocalist Cristienne Graciano & guitarist Jeff Oliveira. The band have a very varied taste in influential bands ranging from Prog to Symphonic to Death Metal and list bands such as IRON MAIDEN, SYMPHONY X & DARK AVENGER as bands who influence their style. I would say this release “Scars” is very easy to listen to. The instruments are played well & give a sound that brings images of frantic fingers playing guitars & feet tapping as the hands drop beats on the skins of the drums, the vocals come across like a star in the night sky – soft yet heavy and stands right out as beautifully crystal clear. The artwork on the cover of “Scars” is excellent! It’s a scene of a dark night with a full moon being covered by the dark clouds forming. Below is a huge maze with the entrance being light by torches and a woman in a dress standing at the entrance as if she is about to enter the maze. It’s an awesome piece of artwork.

To say a bit about the songs we open “Scars” with the song “Revenge” which is 3 minutes 46 seconds of quality music. It opens with a great instrumental on guitars and drums before Cristienne’s vocals join in completing the bands sound. The song is one you can easily head bang to and the drumming in particular is excellent all through the song and stands out really well. Song number 2 “I Will Find My Way” which is written on the cover opens with a haunting set of vocals which is something you just have to hear to appreciate. This is then joined with some heavy riffs on guitars and some hard beats on the drums, MITSEIN certainly know how to put it together! Jumping to song number 4 “The Voices,” a song that opens on a gentle tempo of piano & guitars is another fine piece of musicianship. After the gentler opening comes the heavier play & the lyrics are on fire! “Scars” closes with song number 6 “Fighter.” 6 minutes 13 seconds long it’s a long track to close a fantastic sounding piece of work. The guitars are played like demonic fires are controlling them and bringing us chords from some other dimension! Absolutely brilliant playing. Vocally & lyrically this song is spot on to finish with. A really excellent set of songs.

Personally, I have really enjoyed “Scars”. I like the power that comes from both Cristienne’s vocals & the guitars and drums. The band have found a great balance between instruments & vocals to find that sweet spot where every beat & lyric can be heard crystal clear & very concise. The music is ace, the rhythms and tones are fast paced through most of the songs but contrastingly, they can also play fantastic slower paces to counter balance the heavier notes very well. It’s definitely worth a spin especially if you like female singers & appreciate great vocal talent. If you want to hear something fresh, crisp & powerful the listen to “Scars” & I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Songwriting: 9
Musicanship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Revenge
2. I Will Find My Way
3. Reborn
4. The Voices
5. Scars
6. Fighter
Cristienne Graciano – Vocals
Jeff Oliveira – Guitars
Josa – Guitar
Andre Oliveira – Bass
Achilles Lima – Batter
Record Label: MCK Comercial e Servicos LTDA


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