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Mnemic - The Audio Injected Soul (CD)

The Audio Injected Soul
by Thodoris Pantazopoulos at 19 September 2004, 9:46 PM

Here comes the new Fear Fact… uh Mnemic album after last year's Mechanical Spin Phenomena which, though a debut, made some noise around the band's name and was indeed a very interesting work for those sympathizing modern sound. It seems that Mnemic were willing to take advantage of the favorable for them conditions that their debut set, so they didn't linger at all to present their second essay.
Though I'm not exactly into this kind of music, having heard the band's debut made me a bit curious about how the following one would sound so…here I am.
For those that ignore Mnemic, or more suitably their music, they should learn that these guys are probably some of the biggest Fear Factory fans in the universe. Which is good (for some of us) but together a trench knife. Fear  Factory was a pioneer as a band and the way they blended electronic samples and really heavy music was unparalleled and a mission impossible for the limited talented ones. So in this case, it's rather inevitable for a band to be compared to them no matter how unfair and hard this may look.
Thankfully for them, Mnemic is a very talented band and resistant towards such comparisons. They are adepts in what they do and the most important thing is that their music is above all Heavy. Many melodic elements can be found inside it and surely some electronic samples are easily traced, but the bass' volume and guitar's intensity doesn't leave any doubts as to who's the boss over here.
The composition majority stand as highlights (Dreamstate Emergency, Door 2.12, Sane VS Normal, Mindsaver etc) but there are 2 songs in The Audio Injected Soul that really let me down. I'm talking about Illuminate and the Duran Duran (!!!) cover, Wild Boys. The first one is a typical cheesy nu-Metal song with an even more silly refrain, and the 2nd one…well it's Duran Duran for crying out loud! Even if Cannibal Corpse would attempt to cover it, it would still sound soooo gay.
To finish with, The Audio Injected Soul is a very solid release and if it gets the right promotion the band will meet huge success. They have a big label behind them, their style is in fashion and their music indisputably uprising. It meant a lot to me that they attracted my attention (despite the fact that I fancy other forms of Metal) so I won't be thrifty in my rating, though I believe that someone more proficient in this kind of music would possibly rank them higher. One thing is for sure; retro freaks, and classic sound fans won't be touched at all by Mnemic's music, the more ''up-to-date'' ones will find themselves a remedy with this album. Where do you belong?

4 Star Rating

Dreamstate Imergency
Door 2.12
Sane VS Normal
Jack Vegas
Overdose In The Hall Of Fame
The Silver Drop
Wild Boys (Duran Duran cover)
Michael - Vocals
Mircea - Guitar/Synth
Rune - Rythm Guitar
Obeast - Bass
Brylle - Drums & Keys
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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